Sapulpa Eye Doctor Article 35: Expectations of the Department Leader

Welcome to Insight Eyecare article number 35 with Doctor Kyle Tate, your Sapulpa eye doctor. In previous articles we’ve discussed different scientific findings that patients ask about, or information I want to have available for people to know more about. Today this article is for my staff or anyone considering joining the staff at Insight Eyecare. Let’s discuss what I expect as CEO of this company out of my department leaders. So obviously this article is not for everyone. Insight Eyecare is your Sapulpa eye doctor. We are the go-to place for knowledge about the eye. We’re the eye experts. The reason we are supposed to serve this role is so that we can improve every patient’s life in every encounter. With that being said, I expect my team leaders to act as team players, to have the highest knowledge of their department in the building, and to be continual learners meeting our core value of cultivating learning.

First, let’s discuss what it means to be a player at this Sapulpa eye doctor. Steve Jobs has a quote that says, “A-level players in a small team will run circles around a large group of B players.” What he means by that is that we need people who come to work truly understanding why they are coming to do their job and how their job fits into the scheme of things and how their work impacts the world. When their focus remains on that they will be a lot more motivated. When you look at your work as being just a simple checklist of things that you need to accomplish, that is not a fulfilling role for you to assume. A-level players try to look at the big picture and all the steps they need to get there. A-level players look beyond the eight-hour workday for the impact their work has in the future and on the individual they’re working with at that point in time. Another wonderful story I love to share is Steve Jobs discussing interviews they did early on with Apple. After doing the standard interview, if the person passed all the steps they would take them to see the top-secret computer that Apple is working on. If that person was not excited about what they were seeing and what they were doing they did not hire them on. So how can we use this at Insight Eyecare?

At Insight Eyecare, one of things I look at when I’m hiring a CEO is the energy level that a person displays. Sometimes we have staff that show up and have the energy level from day one because they already get it. Sometimes staff show promising abilities and we hire them and we expect the first few months for that clicking moment where they understand how their work improves people’s lives day in and day out, and how big an impact their work can have. It’s important remembering this type of thing when you are doing some of the Monday tasks; maybe checking a lab bill or going through contacts that need to be ordered. But when you look at it from the perspective of how this can improve people’s lives, your mentality begins to change. You begin to understand that by checking this lab bill, we can find the patient’s glasses that were billed twice. This allows more profit for the company and allows us to be able to reward our staff better and to grow better. As the business grows we are able to see more patients and improve more people’s lives. As CEO of Insight Eyecare my dream is to impact our community on such a big level that everybody has healthy eyes and can truly see to the best of their body’s ability, not to the ability of the cheap glasses that they’re wearing for that day.

In an A-level player, I expect my staff to be on-time, but my definition of on-time might be a little different than everybody else’s. My definition of on-time means that you are at your work clocked in, well dressed, awake, and fully energized with a smile on your face a few minutes before your assigned start time. A-level players show up to work and they work through the time when they’re a little bit tired and a little bit down in the dumps. In contrast, people who are not A-level players – those who show any little sign of a sniffle or any excuse – they call into work. The same people are always ones that have excuses for being late. The same people are the ones who have patterns of coming in, rushing into the building and clocking in when they should be at their desks, already checked in and taking care of our patients. So I look at showing up on time as direct patient care. The patient should never be waiting for you to be settled into your desk or workstation.

A-level players are also always diligent in their work. My interpretation of that as your Sapulpa eye doctor is that an A-level players will keep themselves organized with the proper checklist. They know the things they are supposed to accomplish on a daily basis. If something new becomes part of their daily responsibility they add it to the checklist themselves versus letting it be done by someone else. As your Sapulpa eye Doctor, I want my A-level players to always show energy and excitement in everything they do, especially in front of patients. Part of providing a great experience for people is having an energetic friendly environment. Jack Welch, CEO of GE, grew the company 4000% when all the Wall Street analysts said that the company could not grow anymore. Successful leadership has four “Es”. One of those is energy, meaning that you yourself come in with energy even if you have to fake it till you make it. The second “E”, excitement, is the worker’s ability to come in and transfer his or her energy. He or she gets other excited, cascading down to the patients, who we want excited about their new glasses or treatments. His third “E” is execution, which is the ability to properly execute the things that you need to get done. His fourth “E” is edge, which is the ability to stay calm and work past a different or difficult situation.
At Insight Eyecare, your Sapulpa eye doctor, our job is to give every patient the best experience possible. To give them the time they deserve and to identify their problems and to improve their lives. As their Sapulpa eye doctor we are supposed to be experts at every level from front desk to the Doctor, and back in the optical, so that we display professional knowledge at what we do. This builds confidence in our patients, and when patients have confidence in us they will purchase the things they need to best improve their lives. In our next article we will further define expectations of team leaders. This is Doctor Kyle Tate of Insight Eyecare, your Sapulpa eye doctor. Thank you and have a great day.