Sapulpa Eye Doctor Article 36: Expectations of the Department Leader Part 2

Welcome to Insight Eyecare! This is article number 36 with Dr. Kyle Tate. In previous articles your Sapulpa Eye Doctor has been discussing scientific evidence and advancements that will benefit our patients in our practice in previous articles. Today we’re switching gears a little bit and we’re in part two of our article about “What to expect from our team leaders here at Insight Eyecare.” As CEO of this company, I want my department leaders to cultivate their staff underneath them, to make sure they are well-trained, and make sure their staff are performing their job to the best of their abilities every single day. I consider it an honor to be a team leader, but also there is great responsibility. One of my favorite Marvel movie quotes comes from the original Spiderman. Peter Parker’s uncle said “With great power comes great responsibility,” and with the power of being a team leader, the responsibility of fairness to your team and accountability tier team falls on your shoulders. It’s important to remember at Insight Eyecare, your Sapulpa eye doctor, that we are the eye experts for knowledge and treatments to improve every patient’s life in every encounter. Without being asked, I expect my team leaders to be the source of knowledge for their departments, to be continual learners, to meet our core values, and to cultivating learning. Today, specifically, we’re to talk about those last two.

Expectations of the team leader: maintaining knowledge and your department. As a team leader, you are expected to have the highest knowledge and the fastest growing knowledge of everything going on your department. I expect my team leaders to be learning about the departments and their jobs outside of work, as well as in work. Yes, you are expected to do some studies and knowledge outside of your day-to-day job. That is for your benefit as far as everyone else’s. I expect all my employees who have worked with us for a year to be able to walk into any eye doctor in America and be able to get a job and impress them with the knowledge and skills they have acquired here at Insight Eyecare. There are many resources available to do this. I expect my team leader to gain certifications, whether that’s through vendors, schools, or through Paraoptometric Certification programs. I expect them to read journal or magazine articles that discuss eye health. These resources are pretty easy to come by; there are many different eyecare magazines that talk about different aspects of eyecare business, whether it’s for a technician, or for a front desk worker or optician. Many related publications already come to Insight Eyecare automatically for free. Some we have actually canceled due to not having the time to read them in the past.

It is important to be a continual learner, because you are the role model for the department. This includes your energy level, your attitude, and your expectations for your department. Staff underneath you will always rise to the lowest level of your expectations in your training, so that means if you have trained them to the highest level and you maintain that level day in day out, they will also maintain that level day in and day out. As your Sapulpa eye doctor, I do understand the additional stress and strain of being a team leader. Don’t forget as CEO and as the doctor, my actions in work and home are always evaluated in the public eye. I do not feel that any job position at Insight Eyecare or any other business is ever a career or field that is a dead-end or that you can gain the maximum amount of knowledge possible. There’s always more to learn; there are always better ways to learn. You should read the book Soft Selling in a Hard World by Jerry Vass. Everyone at Insight Eyecare can learn from that book and learn how there are sales in every area of the office, even the technician department. The benefit we have from eyecare is that we are a constantly evolving and changing professional medical business. What I mean by that is there is always more knowledge coming around for us to learn. There are always new opportunities and new technologies to bless our patients and increase our knowledge. As your CEO and your Sapulpa eye doctor, I want to empower my leaders in any way, shape, or form that I can. If there’s a book or resource you want to read, come let me know. I would be happy to buy it for you. If there is a certification program that will benefit you in the business, I would be happy to send you on that. We look at our team leaders as lifelong contributors to the success of this company at this location and any future ones. Team leaders are usually people who have demonstrated records of service and time here at Insight Eyecare that rise above the baseline. As you’ve kept your trust in me as your CEO, I want to return all resources and trust I can to you.

The following article we are going to write will discuss ways to keep your staff underneath you accountable and productive while maintaining positive friendships and working relationships. As your Sapulpa eye doctor, remember the more we can train ourselves, and the better we can be at our jobs, the better we can improve the lives of our patients. That aligns with our mission as your Sapulpa eye doctor here at Insight Eyecare: to improve every life in every encounter. Remember at Insight Eyecare we perform eye exams for all ages including eye exams for senior citizens, babies, and children. We administer eyecare of all different types and complexities, from simple things like astigmatism to complex diabetic eye exams, macular degeneration, allergies, cataracts, dry eye, keratoconus, and many, many more. Bring your eye problem to your Sapulpa eye doctor so we can use our tools, our knowledge, and our training to improve your life. God bless you guys, and have a great day!