Tara Anderson

“I originally heard about Insight Eye Care from my brother-in-law, who actually went to high school with Dr. Tate. But when I was considering an eye doctor for me and my kids and my husband, I questioned friends on Facebook just to see if he was biased or if it was a legit thing. I got a lot of responses for Dr. Tate.

When I first arrived at Insight Eye Care, I loved the facility. Super nice, clean, fresh. I didn’t feel like it was a dingy, old place; I felt comfortable bringing my kids here. Really friendly staff, smiling up front when I first walked in the door, so it has good eye appeal, for sure.

What I like most about Insight Eye Care is that it’s like a family. I can call them and say, “It’s Tara,” and they know who I’m talking about. I just mention the kids names, they know the situation. I’ve been up here for appointments and needed help with another one of my kids, and Dr. Tate has just taken her along. I just feel comfortable here. They’re here for my best interest and I know they care, and that makes me feel good.

What makes Insight different from other eye doctors is, I feel like they really do have our best interest in mind. I’ve been to other eye doctors and it was just a push-push-push to upsell, and the exams were real quick. I didn’t feel like I could ask questions. Here, I feel like they really listen to me, take into consideration my kids–I have four–and each one has a different personality, and he knows to be jovial with one kid, and soft and sweet with another kid. They’re very patient. I usually have kids running in and out while we’re doing exams and they’re very patient with that. So I just feel like they care, and I’m comfortable in here.

When I have friends considering Insight Eye Care, I give them a definite thumbs-up. 10 stars, you should go, for sure! I know that they’re going to take good care of them, and I know that they’ll come back happy and satisfied, so I always recommend it.”

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