Article 47: Cheap Eyeglasses

Welcome to another Eyecare Insights with Dr. Kyle Tate your Sapulpa eye doctor.

Today were going to be discussing a very common thing that people search for which is cheap eyeglasses. What this is generally referring to is inexpensive prescription eyewear frames. Some of the slang terms you might also search for would be cheap eyewear, cheap eyeglasses, cheap glasses, or cheap glasses near me. As we are discussing this today it is important to realize the attraction to initially getting an inexpensive product such as cheap eyeglasses. But you’ll pay more over time for a cheap product whether that is a television or cheap glasses.

A little bit about us here at Insight Eyecare, we are a state-of-the-art facility with locations in both Glenpool and Jenks Oklahoma. Our doctors are residency trained in ocular disease to be able to treat all sorts of things like diabetic eye exams, glaucoma, macular degeneration, red eyes, laser eye surgery, and eye infections. If you need an eye exam for anyone of any age in your family think of us at Insight Eyecare, we want to be your Sapulpa eye doctor.

Eyeglasses are important for more reasons than the obvious one; making you see better. Their job is to hold the lenses of your correct prescription in the correct place in front of your eye. So why do people want cheap glasses? People want cheap eyeglasses because we simply want to keep money in our pocket, there is nothing wrong with that thought. We are going to focus a little beyond just the topic of cheap eyeglasses or even glasses in general and discuss for a moment cheap products.

There are many sayings that help define cheap products such as “you get what you pay for”. Over time many stores have programmed and trained us to think that you can get equal products at a lesser price. The only way that is true is if you give up something. You are either giving up quality, convenience, service, or culture. Business philosophy says that you can only focus on two of those four things. So at most places you either give up quality or service and the culture is not in agreement. What does that mean?

Let’s use a television for example, many places such as Walmart or Best Buy have their own brand of televisions now. Their marketing makes you think they are the same television such as a Sony or Samsung, however quality has been changed in these different brands. It surprises many people to know that even where you would buy a brand name product such as a Samsung television does matter. The same thing goes for eyeglasses. Buying eyeglasses from a private eye doctor usually means you are supporting a local community, your receiving a frame warranty, you are able to use insurance benefits, you are not being sold a discontinued product that is out of date or has been redisplayed and handled in other stores before it reached you.

It is natural as humans to want to save money. At Insight Eyecare we just want you to be informed as to what you are exchanging in order to get cheap eyeglasses. We commonly tell our patients that if you need cheap eyeglasses the best place to go is online. You can get eyeglasses for $15 online. There is a good chance they will not be the correct prescription but they can get you through until you can afford a higher quality pair.

There are a few sayings about cheap products in general that I want to discuss here. “You get what you pay for”, “you only pay for a quality product once”, “you pay a little bit every day for cheap quality”. So what do these sayings mean? When you are buying something cheap, such as cheap eyeglasses, you need to understand they are not designed the same as something high-quality. When you buy a high quality product it generally will last longer, needs serviced or adjusted less often, is less likely to break, and is more reliable to use. Cheap products will often require more costs over time to keep them functioning; whether that is in repairs or replacements.

So why would I buy more expensive eyeglasses? There are many differences and qualities of eyeglasses. Most of the name brands such as Gucci, Coach, Oakley, Ray-Ban that you know are supposed to be of highest quality. They are actually around the medium quality standards of the glasses we carry at Insight Eyecare. We carry handmade eyeglasses that are higher quality than anything you can find in a chain optical, online, or even in many private offices.

These products have more unique designs, they’re made of stronger materials, they’re more precisely made and engineered, and have higher quality components such as hinges, temples, and screws. There was a point in time when Insight Eyecare used to carry cheap frames. We noticed many of our staff hours were going towards keeping patients frames adjusted and screws tightened. Those are services you get at your Sapulpa eye doctor that you do not get for free or sometimes at all in places such as commercial chains and Warby Parker.

When holding a pair of cheap eyeglasses next to a high quality pair it’s very easy, with a little guidance, to point out and understand the different levels of quality. You can actually feel that in the stiffness of the materials, the quality of the hinge, the smoothness of folding and unfolding the glasses, and even the crispness of the coloring. You will also find that there is a larger warranty with higher-quality frames. Some of our frames have two-year warrantees and some are much farther beyond that.

As your Sapulpa eye doctor, we want you to understand why we recommend higher-quality products. We also want you to understand that we’ve seen thousands of our patients happier and more fulfilled with their high-quality glasses. These patients have saved a lot of time that they’ve not realized by not having to come in for adjustments every month to keep cheap eyewear together. Buying cheap products allows the places who sell them to hook you in longer and get you in their stores more often.

Ultimately cheap products cost you just as much time and money as there higher-quality counterparts except you deal with a lot more frustration versus buying a nicer quality product the first time. With a little education you can start to understand and spot these marketing tactics that people use to get you to buy cheap inferior products so they can make more money. No one who works hard to take care of their patients or customers or clients wants to sell a cheap product for very long. If you compare local small businesses who have to stand behind their products to survive you do not find that they will sell cheap junk. It is very easy to notice that larger commercial businesses that have to answer to shareholders and worry about profits and dividends will start cutting quality. At Insight Eyecare we commit to being transparent and help enlighten you so that you understand what you’re getting and you’re happy and satisfied with your purchase. Come be a part of our story of improving as many lives as we can. God bless have a great day!

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