Eye Problems We Solve

Chronic Red Eyes Even After Use of OTC Drops

If your eyes are red or bloodshot, we can help. We have specialty exams and technology to uncover the real cause of your red eyes. New discoveries and technologies have changed how we view and treat red eyes over the recent years. We have helped many patients who did not improve with OTC drops and recommendations from other doctors. You do not need to suffer from red eyes that make you look tired anymore.

Dry, Sandy, Gritty, Burning, Stinging, Itchy Eyes

Dry eyes can be a daily nuisance that greatly affects quality of life. It is not commonly known that besides dry, burning, stinging, and sandy feeling eyes, dry eyes affects your vision. Many cases of dry eyes are diagnosed from blurry vision that glasses or contacts do not improve with a healthy appearing eye. Also, many dry eye sufferers do not know that if left untreated, dry eyes will get worse becoming more resistant to treatment. Many of the glands responsible for tear production can also atrophy (die off) if dry eyes are not properly treated. At Insight Eyecare we focus on a custom plan to treat the source of the dry eyes, by doing more than using lubricant tears to cover the problem. We have invested in new technologies, education, and partnerships to best serve our dry eye patients. Book an appointment today so we may help you resolve your dry eyes.

Discomfort When Wearing Make Up

In some cases, uncomfortable eyes may be due to the type of makeup or the techniques to apply it. If your eyes are uncomfortable, schedule an evaluation to find the cause of it. Many people quit wearing makeup because they have been improperly misinformed. Schedule an appointment with us to help relieve your suffering.

Difficulty Seeing Far Away After Reading/Computer/Phone Use

Blurry far away vision after looking at close objects is a sign of a Rx change or different lenses are needed. If a focus problem is found, it can be a sign of the eyes not working together or unhealthy eyes. Our doctors are trained to diagnose and solve this and many other focusing issues.

Pressure or Pain Behind the Eyes

Pressure or pain behind the eyes is common, especially in this day and age. This is becoming more common due to the amount we use computers and handheld devices. This can be related to sinus infections, allergies, and many other causes. It is important to have the eyes checked, some cases of pain behind the eyes are sight threatening. If your are experiencing pain or pressure behind the eyes, call us for an exam.

Burning Eyes

Burning eyes may be caused by allergies, eyestrain, dry eye, infection or many ocular conditions. We treat this every day in our practice. We would love the opportunity to help relieve you from your irritated, burning, red and/or dry eyes.

Blurry Vision That Improves with Blinking

If blinking helps clear your vision or is required to clear your vision, this could mean your ocular surface (the front of the eye including the tear layer) is not healthy. You may need different glasses, dry eye treatments, or mild procedures to maintain your ocular health. It is necessary to have a healthy ocular surface to maintain healthy clear vision. We can help you fix this to have comfortable stable vision and healthy eyes.

Eye Twitch

A twitching eyelid is more common than you would imagine. It can come and go, and often times become a great nuisance. Common causes are lack of sleep, diet, and excessive caffeine intake. Let our doctors help determine why your eyes are twitching so that you may have relief from this annoyance.

Itchy Eyes

Itchy eyes are very common here in Oklahoma. Many times the cause is allergies, other common causes are infections, inflammation, and dry eyes. You should not routinely rub your eyes, this can cause astigmatism and other permanent eye disease. Come in and let us determine the cause and help find a solution to your itchy eyes.

Eye Rubbing

Chronic eye rubbing is bad for the eyes. It can cause permanent astigmatism or other corneal diseases. The best thing is to have an eye doctor diagnose what is causing you to want to rub the eyes. We commonly find inflammation, allergies, infection, fatigue and numerous other factors. Treatment could be simply changes in lenses or eye drops. If you are repeatedly rubbing your eyes, come see us for relief.

Spots or Flashes in Vision

New or changing spots in your vision can be a vision threatening diagnosis. If you notice new or changing spots you need to contact an eye doctor immediately. There can be many things that cause spots in your vision, some are harmless but some can be blinding. Many problems with the eye are treatable if found early enough. Call us immediately to determine the cause of spots or flashes in your vision. The health of your eye should not wait on this one.

Blurry Vision

Optometrists are experts at healing blurry vision. There can be many causes of blurry vision, only a thorough eye exam can uncover the real solution. Many cases can easily be fixed with the proper contacts or glasses options. Sometimes what seems like harmless blurry vision actually uncovers serious eye problems. Come get your eyes checked as soon as possible to avoid causes of permanent damage to your eyes and vision.

Eye Strain

There are many factors besides the Rx of glasses and contacts that can attribute to eye strain. Eyestrain is scientifically called asthenopia. It is important to discuss with your doctor the activities you are doing when you experience eye strain. Your doctor will discuss items such as working distance to objects, placement of objects in your environment, lighting, and computer monitor types. Some cases of eyestrain involve the eyes not focusing accurately or not working together well. We have many solutions to improve your quality of life with eye strain.

Colored Contacts

For years color contacts could not be safely worn all day due to their inability of letting enough oxygen through the contact. Finally we have colored contacts in the newest class silicone hydrogels that get enough oxygen to the eyes to keep them healthy all day. Come see us to get more information about healthy color contacts.


Astigmatism (astig-muh-tism) is a common type of refractive error that does not affect the health of the eye. This unusual word is often mispronounced astigma, stigma and other nicknames. Astigmatism is a defocus of the eye that can be found with nearsightedness or farsightedness. Eyes with astigmatism have one or more layer of the eye oblong like a football causing blurry vision. Astigmatism can be corrected in many forms including glasses, soft or rigid contacts, LASIK, and cataract surgery. We have many patients who were not able to wear contacts due to astigmatism with previous technologies who are now successfully fit into newer contacts.

Sports Glasses

Sport injuries are common around school age kids. We are at more risk to sports injury when we cannot see clearly. It is often difficult to keep your everyday glasses on or fit them with a helmet. We have stylish, lightweight, and strong sports frames that will stay in place better when playing sports. They also fit better under helmets. We also fit daily contacts for sports activities.

Pink Eye

Pink eye is is highly contagious and should seek care immediately. We can even cut the duration of some pink eye cases in half with new treatments. Do not wait, these treatments need to be in the first day! There are three general causes to a pink eye: viral, allergies, or bacteria. Please call to come see us immediately to help relieve and heal your pink eyes.

Double Vision, Diplopia

It is not common knowledge that new or changing double vision can be a life and sight threatening. Double vision is serious, if you are seeing new or changing double vision, please see us ASAP.

Eye Allergies

Oklahoma is one of the top ten worst places for allergy sufferers, especially in Green Country. Seasonal allergies and year round allergies affect many of our patients. We have many treatment options to relieve itchy allergy eyes. Some are just one drop per day and prevent eye allergies for 24 hours. See us before your allergy season affects your eyes. If left untreated, ocular allergies can cause the tear glands to not function and your eyes become permanently dry.

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