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Dry Eye Treatment Plan

Which dry eye treatment is right for me?

Your doctor has evaluated the cause of your symptoms and prescribed either a single treatment or a combination of treatments to help your eyes produce more stable, healthier tears. This may be to treat current symptoms or prevent the meibomian glands in your eyelid from dying off if they are clogged. Below is an explanation of the treatment(s) that will work together to help your eyes.

1 treatment / every 6-12 months

Daily cleaning is important to keep your body from building up inflammatory debris on the surface of the eyelids. This is not viewable to an eye without the help of a microscope. Blephex is a simple and painless procedure that removes the film that builds up and clogs the oil producing tear glands on your eyelids. A soft rotating tool (think cotton tip that spins) is used to perform the removal of the biofilm layer around the eyelashes of both upper and lower eyelids. Similar to going to the dental hygienist for a deep cleaning, this is part of your eyelid hygiene along with at-home cleaning to maintain. Each BlephEx treatment is $150.

1 treatment / every 6-12 months

The ILux treatment is an effective way to warm and gently express the oil glands of the eyelids. This expression allows the glands to get back to a functional state allowing good quality oil to flow to the surface of the eye and stabilize the tear film. The ILux treatment time is about 8-12 minutes and is recommended every 6-12 months to ensure proper gland function. Each treatment is $500.

3 treatments / every 10-12 months

LLLT is a safe and non-invasive light therapy mask that uses specific LED lights to gently warm the eyelids and reduce inflammation around the eyes. Each treatment is 15 minutes and is safe for adults and children. Depending on the stage of dry eye disease, a sequence of 2-4 treatments, each 1 week apart, will be recommended every 6-12 months. Each treatment is $200-250 depending on the wavelength of light needed for your type of dryness factors.

4 treatments / every 12-36 months

IPL or Intense Pulsed light is a treatment well known in the dry eye and facial aesthetic world. By removing inflammation, the meibomian oil glands that stabilize your tear film keep the eyes from being as dry. This treatment works by targeting problematic blood vessels and other unwanted eye and facial symptoms such as crusting around the eyelids in the morning, redness of the eyelids and face, freckles, sunspots, and spider veins. The IPL is split into four separate treatments, and each treatment is $450.

We offer a discount on all combination treatment plans, and we are happy to go over our package pricing with you!

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