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5 Ways to Reduce Glare

Driving at night presents unique challenges, and it’s no surprise that the Department of Transportation reports glare as a contributing factor in one-third of accidents.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Glasses Clean

Keeping your glasses crystal clear can be a bit of a challenge, especially when life throws smudges and oil your way. Whether it’s environmental factors,

Neurolens Glasses Make Your Work Day Easier

Neurolens Glasses Make Your Work Day Easier

Not all eyeglasses are worn to see better. Many patients have eye problems that cause strain and fatigue but not blurry vision. Insight Eyecare is

7 Reasons to Schedule an Eye Exam
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7 Reasons to Schedule an Eye Exam

Our eyes are one of the most important organs in our body, yet we often neglect to take care of them. Regular eye exams are

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What Is Astigmatism?

At Insight Eyecare we get this question many times per day. “What is Astigmatism?” Let’s begin answering scientifically what is astigmatism, then we can discuss

Lasik vs PRK
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Am I a candidate for any kind of surgery to get away from glasses and contact lenses? There are several surgical options for patients who

Bifocal and Progressive
Contact Lenses

Bifocal vs Progressive

What is the difference in a bifocal lens and a progressive lens? Bifocal and progressive lenses are meant for those individuals who not only need

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Eyeball Licking: A Dangerous New Trend?

In the summer of 2013, news spread quickly about a dangerous new trend, called “worming” or oculolinctus, and a serious outbreak of disease among Japanese

Kid's Vision

Teaching Kids About Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis is by no means limited only to children. An infection or inflammation of the conjunctiva — the membrane within the eyelid and protecting the

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