Cleaning Tips

Insight Eyecare’s Tips for Keeping Your Glasses Clean

No one likes looking through a dirty window or dirty glasses. We believe at Insight Eyecare, that the world is beautiful. Dirty glasses should not be a barrier to keep you from enjoying the everything around you. For some of us it is harder than others to keep glasses clean. This may be due to the environments we are in, kids who love to touch glasses, and even our own skin being too oily.

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."

Cleaning Tips

Here are some tips to cleaning your glasses so you see the world in 4k.

  1. Use plenty of cleaner. Glasses spray, dish soap, and hand soap are all great to cut the oil layer off. Be sure what you use does not have lotions, fragrance, or particles that could get on the lenses. Some of these products add an oily film that keeps the glasses dirty.
  2. Avoid using household cleaners: Avoid using harsh household cleaners, such as window cleaner, bleach, or ammonia-based products. These can damage the coating on your lenses. Dr. Tate prefers dish soap at the sink to rinse.
  3. Use lots of water with the soap: For a more thorough cleaning, you can use lukewarm water with the mild soap. Wet your glasses to get all the particles of dirt off that could grind into the lens. Then gently rub them with a small amount of soap, then rinse them under warm running water. Avoid Hot water that can heat the frame out of adjustment.
  4. Wash the entire frame including hinges and nosepads. Avoid abrasive chemicals such as alcohol, ammonia, bleach or window cleaner on the frame. Frames are not as resistant to these chemicals as the Trivex lenses you get from Insight Eyecare.
  5. Dry them with a soft material such as a lens cloth, microfiber towel, or cotton. The best way to clean your glasses is to use a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth. These cloths are specifically designed to clean eyeglasses without scratching the lenses. It must be free of oils and washed without fragrances. Many aromatic detergents and fabric softeners put oils on the towel that gets on the lens.
  6. Don’t use your shirt or paper towels: Avoid using your shirt or paper towels to clean your glasses. These materials can scratch the lenses and leave lint or other residues.
  7. No glare treatments include dust repellant and easy-to-clean layers. They help you see and keep your glasses clean.
  8. Take a high-quality Omega 3 supplement to reduce your skin oil getting on the glasses. Many with oily skin can actually get improvement in skin and better skin oils by omega 3 supplements. Our Hydroeyes supplement also helps dry eyes.

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If your glasses seem always dirty come meet with our opticians to find solutions! Insight Eyecare recommends Trivex lenses over polycarbonate. They are stronger, more scratch and chemical resistant, and have a UV-blocking build. We also always recommend a premium no-glare treatment on glasses. This allows you to see better, not have glare on the lenses, UV and blue light protection, keeps your lenses cleaner from antistatic layers, and your glasses will last longer with the highest scratch protection in eyeglasses.

Insight Eyecare carries lens cleaners and microfiber cloths in stock. Our team is trained to help evaluate how to keep your glasses cleaner. If you are struggling with keeping your glasses clean click the link below to schedule an appointment. Avoid blurry vision and gross-looking glasses by scheduling with Insight Eyecare Now.

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