Vision Plans FAQs

Over the last few years, we noticed how vision plans were making things more expensive for all our patients. Our patients and Insight grew tired of seeing things get more and more expensive and complicated for our patients. Then we saw how it was limiting our ability to deliver the level of care people deserve because of vision plans unnecessary complication. We have watched how vision plans raise rates members pay but lower how much they contribute to patients benefits. Our patients deserve more, the best care possible, and we refuse to settle on plans that control what we are “allowed” to provide for them. Insurances or vision plans should not make your care be slower, force you to use inferior products against your and your doctors will, or force you to use products that benefits them more than you.

Vision plans cost roughly $12 per month (VSP 2021). That’s $144 per year plus the required copay of around $20. That is $165 paid just to get your discount when our Exam Package is only $145. Vision plans also cause glasses prices to be artificially inflated so everyone gets a “discount.” If your employer pays for your plan, then it could cost you less; however, if they would pay you that money instead, it would save you to not use a vision plan. MONEY SAVING TIP: all eye doctor expenditures are health costs that Flex Spending and HSA accounts cover TAX FREE! 

Reminder: Vision plans are just agreed discounts. They rarely insure anything with your eyes. Your medical insurance does cover eye exams for eye problems that glasses do not fix!

If the reason you need to see us is considered medical, or if your eye doctor requested you come back for medical reasons, then your medical plan covers the visit. If you are unsure how your visit will be billed, give us a call or text, and we can help out!

The quickest way to find out who your vision plan is through is usually a coworker or your HR department. Continue to the next section to learn how to use your out of network benefits 

You no longer have to submit your claims yourself! We now have access to a program designed specifically to help patients know everything they want to know before their exam, including if they have benefits available and how much the reimbursement will be. This program allows us to do all of the work FOR YOU! After we get a few details from you, we can tell you how much your reimbursement will be and then file the claim for you.

Absolutely! We have always honored current prescriptions from other offices. However, very few places write the quality of lens recommendations that we do at Insight. Along with your full-time Rx, be sure to ask for your prescriptions for sunglasses and computer lenses! 

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