Jenks Eye Doctor : Great Eye Doctor

Jenks Eye Doctor : Great Eye Doctor

Dr. Kyle:    Welcome to Eye Care Insights with Dr. Kyle [Tate 00:05] of Insight Eye Care, your [JINS 00:07] eye doctor. Today, we are in our series about dry eyes. If you’re having any symptoms of burning, stinging, or fluctuating vision, you should be looking for JINS eye doctor. Reach out to us, Inside Eye Care. We treat patients all ages, from newborn babies to great, great grandparents. We offer everything from basic eye exams, contact lenses of all complexities, eye injuries, pink eye, dry eye and many others.

Insight Eye Care is located one mile south of the [Crete 00:36] turnpike at highway 75 and highway 117 near the Glenpool Walmart. Located within the clinic is a large optical boutique with over 1,000 frames to fit all eye glasses wants and needs. We partner with the finest and most technologically advanced lens manufacturers in the world to give you the best vision possible out of your glasses.

Our team Insight Eyecare wants to be your Jins eye doctor for all your eye care and eye wear needs Jenks Eye Doctor. Today, we’re gonna be talking about dry eye. Dry eye is a lot more common than most people realize. Dry eye affects anywhere from ten to to 20 percent of the population. Dry eye can be extremely annoying. On a daily basis, vision can be blurry, it can change from moment to moment. One of the biggest things that patients tell us that have dry eyes and don’t know it is, my vision’s blurry and then when I blink, it gets better. Or my vision’s blurry at the end of the day. Or I just don’t see as crisp as I should. Ghost images that are small little, almost double but not completely separated images are very common in dry eye.

Another common thing you’ll see with dry eye is after you’ve been on the computer for awhile, watching TV, your vision will be blurry afterwards. That’s very, very common at the end of a work day. Then driving home makes it a little bit harder seeing all those things going down the road. This can be extremely frustrating to patients. It’s a daily thing that can affect quality of life. Real quick, what is dry eye? Most people think that dry eye means there’s just not enough liquid on the eye. Jenks Eye Doctor That makes sense with hearing that an eye drop will help out.
What actually is happening is, the tear film on the very front of the eye is supposed to be a certain composition. That tear film is important because if that tear film is not here in the proper composition, you won’t have comfortable eyes, you won’t have clear vision. That composition is supposed to be made up of different things like oils, mucins, as well as the common fluids like people think. It’s very common for patients to come to us and have blurry vision and eyes that water all the time. The patient complain is, “Doc my eyes are just watering down my cheek”.

Well, that would make sense that it’s a dry eye, but heres what’s actually happening, those patients are coming to us and their thick, mucousy, tear film that gives comfortable eyes and good vision is not there. Jenks Eye Doctor What the body tries to do to react to that is the body will attempt to come in and use the crying tears to allow you to see better and those are thin and watery and those are what runs down your face.

Once again, if you’re having any of these signs/symptoms, reach out to us. We’re a Jins eye doctor that’s very easy to reach. We’re within 25 minutes of anyone in the Tulsa area. If you’re looking for a Jins eye doctor, look us up at Insight Eye Care. Some of the other common symptoms that you get from dry eye are comfort with contact lens problems. Lots of patients will come in wearing glasses, and they want to wear a contacts, but every time they put contacts in, their eyes end being a little bit drier, and they start getting symptoms.

What’s happening there is there’s actually dry eye going on even with the glasses, Jenks Eye Doctor it’s just not bad enough that patients are recognizing symptoms till we put a contact lens on the eye that requires a little bit more of the tear film. The great new is, if you’re looking for a Jins eye doctor, we’ve actually got contacts these days that can help with dry eyes. We routinely see patients that have been told they can’t wear contacts because of their dry eyes when that snot really the case anymore. If you’re looking for a Jins eye doctor and you’re having these symptoms, look us up.
Quality of life is something we’ve already touched on a little bit, but I want to emphasize this because dry eye is treatable. It’s not just that you have to use an over the counter tear drop every single day, multiple times a day. We have pills that make the body produce the right type of tears, we’ve got prescription medications that are safe to use that can actually be cheaper than the lubricating tears themselves. This is a quality of life issue. That’s what we’re here for is to improve patient’s lives. We want you to have comfortable, clear vision all day long.
Another common thought is, why should I care about these dry eyes, Jenks Eye Doctor  I can just deal with a little bit of grittiness, little bit of blurry vision, little bit of just annoyance on a daily basis. That’s one way to think about it, but what our studies show us is that dry eye actually gets worse over time. If we wait till it’s really a big problem, or if wait until we’re not seeing clear anymore, that’s really too late. We should’ve been treating those patients about five to ten years before, to prevent damage on the eyes from them just getting drier and drier.
Lets run through a little scenario to understand this. Patient A is a 55 year old female that comes to see her Jins eye doctor with complaint of burning, gritty eyes. Never used any type of drops before never knowing that they even had dry eye. We see signs and symptoms on the exam and we treat the dry eye with drops because that is where we always start out with because some patients just need one or two drops a day, no big deal, and that gets them through. Other patients, even at six or eight drops a day they’re still miserable. That would be like that patient we said, by the time you’re in your late 50s/early 60s, dry eye has already damaged the eyes. Not in a way that affects your glasses or contact prescription, but dry eye has damaged all the small micro cellular pieces that work together to that puzzle to get that consistency of tear film Jenks Eye Doctor.

You’ll hear us in the series talk about that consistency. What is made up of that tear film. If one component is not working to the effect we need it to, then nothing else is gonna fall back into place. That patient is usually going to be needing a prescription medication, maybe even some pills and still using some tears throughout the day. We’re gonna have to see that patient every three months to check the surface of the eye for damage, we’re gonna have to check that the vision’s clear and make sure that our treatment is till working well. That patient going to the Jinn eye doctor already had damage, already had permanent problems.

Let’s backtrack, let’s say that patient went to see us, their Jinn eye doctor when they were about 30 years old, Jenks Eye Doctor maybe they had a problem just when they put a contact lens or maybe the symptoms were only on a windy day or when they been at a computer for awhile. At that point, we could use less treatments. Maybe just some pills to take a day, maybe just a prescription drop that would actually treat the dryness and not let those glands slowly die over time. That way when that patient that we started treating when they were 30, by the time they’re 60, their case hopefully hasn’t changed or progressed much, meaning it hasn’t gotten worse to the point that they’re miserable on a daily basis. If we can catch dry eye earlier, we can treat it earlier.

In our future talks, we’re gonna talk about more about the symptoms signs and the long term problems and we’ll get into a little more detail about what’s actually going on in there. We’ll talk about some of the common causes. Lots of medications, lots of systemic disease can do that. What are the different steps we come and work with people to fix dry eye and the different types of dry eye. Then we’ll also talk about some of the things that can be done at home to help dry eye. If you’re getting any burning, gritty eyes, red eyes, itchy eyes, or if your vision’s not as crisp as you want it to be even with glasses, or if your vision is fluctuating. Changes and improves or gets worse when you blink, come see us. We are your Jinn eye doctor here to take care of all your needs whether that’s dry eye, lasses, contacts Jenks Eye Doctor.

If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms, please reach out to us at Insight Eye Care. Our mission is to improve every life at every encounter. This means we want all of our patients to have healthy, comfortable eyes with the clearest vision possible to view and enjoy your life. When you think you need Jinn eye doctor, come see us at Insight Eye Care. Our welcoming staff, state of the art facility, advanced eye care diagnostic equipment, eye glasses boutique and thousands of contact lenses in stock are all there to meet the needs of any type of patient Jenks Eye Doctor.
As your Jinn eye doctor, common diseases that we treat include nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, cataracts, glaucoma, dry eyes, allergies, foreign material, nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, cataracts, glaucoma, dry eyes, foreign material removal, macular degeneration, many, many, many others. Bring us your red, gritty, sandy, scratchy eyes. Jenks Eye Doctor We want to help you out as your Jinn side doctor. This is Dr. Kyle Tate and thank you for joining us today.

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