Bifocal vs Progressive

Bifocal and Progressive

What is the difference in a bifocal lens and a progressive lens?

Bifocal and progressive lenses are meant for those individuals who not only need help seeing clearly in the distance but also need help seeing up close. There are a few differences between a bifocal and progressive lens, and today we are going to discuss these differences.

Bifocal lenses have a visible line just below the center of the lens. This line demarcates the distance portion of the lens from the near portion of the lens. When patients wear a bifocal, they look out the top half to see clearly in the distance, then drop their eyes, and look through the bottom half to see clearly up close. Bifocals are typically easy to adapt to, and patients are often very successful with them. One disadvantage to a bifocal is there is no intermediate distance while wearing them. Patients may find it difficult to see their computer or dashboard when wearing these type of lenses, and may require a second pair of glasses to see the computer, or to where while driving so the dashboard is clear.

Progressive lenses, or no line bifocal, are a smooth lens with no visible line, however they still allow the patient to see clearly far away and up close. The progressive lens design allows the patient to see in the distance, intermediate and up close. For the patient to see clearly in the distance, they will look out the top portion of the lens, as the patient moves their eyes down the lens, the power increases allowing them to see the computer/dashboard, and up close for reading. Progressive lenses may require a bit longer to adapt to than a bifocal, but many patients adapt and absolutely love them. The advantage with the progressive lenses is that patients receive intermediate distance correction through the lenses and are able to see their computer/dashboard clearly.

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