Blue Light Blocking Lenses

If you put in a lot of digital screen time, and most of us do, you may need computer glasses with a color tint. Blue light blocking lenses reduce computer-related eye strain. They also help restore normal sleep cycles. Here are three things Dr. Haley Baldridge and Dr. Kyle Tate of Insight Eye Care in Jenks. OK want you to know about blue light blocking lenses. 

Most people benefit from computer glasses

Digital eye strain (DES), also known as computer vision syndrome, affects 50 percent or more of all computer users. This common eye problem causes:

  • Blurred vision
  • Burning, itching, tired, or sore eyes
  • Difficulty maintaining mental focus
  • Dry eye syndrome, which, ironically, can cause watery eyes
  • Feeling that you cannot keep your eyes open
  • Headache
  • Increased sensitivity to bright sunlight
  • Sore neck, back, and shoulder

Many people don’t take digital eye syndrome seriously because it isn’t as bad once they rest their eyes. But using computers and phones for hours and hours every day can lead to dry eye syndrome. This common problem can be followed by chronic irritation and infections.

People who spend six, ten, twelve and even more hours every day in front of computer and phone screens often have insomnia that doesn’t respond to medications. Fortunately, these sleep disturbances do respond to blue light blocking lenses.

Blue light blocking lenses don't have to be ugly

Most of us can’t really cut back on our digital screen time. Our jobs require us to sit at computers, or we have to use our phones constantly to keep up with the kids, or both. What we don’t get done during the day keeps us in front of a screen working at night, and so does relaxing by watching TV or streaming video.

The obvious solution to overexposure to blue light is to get blue light blocking lenses. The problem is that if you try to get these on your own, most of your choices will come in garish tones of yellow. They will block blue light and reduce eye strain, but they will hardly look stylish. But your optometrists in Jenks can prescribe blue light blocking lenses for you that block the most intense wavelengths of blue light without the yellow tint.

Your optometrist is your best option for stopping eyestrain

There are lots of things you can do on your own to relieve the eye strain caused by too much digital screen time. You can get blue light blocking lenses. You can set your iPhone or computer to “night shift” settings that block blue light. You can use “warm light” LED light bulbs rather than “soft light” LED bulbs. You can follow the 20-20-20 rule: When you are using a screen, take a break every 20 minutes. Look off into the distance, at least 20 feet away. Try to rest your eyes for 20 seconds or more.

But if you have let your eyestrain go on too long, you can develop serious eye problems that have to be treated by your eye doctor. That’s why you should not delay making your appointment with Dr. Haley Baldridge and Dr. Kyle Tate of Insight Eye Care in Jenks, OK. Request an appointment online or call us at (918)299-2020.

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