Cataract Care at Our Jenks OK Optometry Clinic

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The word “cataracts” has an ominous ring to it, especially if age and other factors have raised your risk for this sight-stealing ailment. Cataracts are a leading cause of blindness, but you don’t have to let them destroy your vision. Here at Insight Eyecare Jenks, our optometry team of Dr. Baldridge and Dr. Tate can monitor your ocular health and prescribe whatever responses are necessary to help you preserve your eyesight for many years to come.

How Cataracts Obscure Vision

Cataracts act as a solid barrier between your eyes and the rest of the world. These accumulations of proteins develop within the normally-clear lens of the eye, shifting their positions until they clump together and form a cloudy, opaque filter. This process can cause a variety of vision issues. For instance, you may notice that your vision has become increasingly blurry, or that you can’t make out colors or low-contrast areas as well as you once did. You may also see strange halo-like patterns around light sources such as street lamps of car headlights, which can make driving at night a challenge. Over time, cataracts can reduce vision until you become legally blind.

Most cataracts are the natural product of aging and a lifetime of UV exposure. These natural cataracts may take many years to become a significant problem or even produce noticeable symptoms. Intense UV exposure, smoking, steroid use, heavy alcohol consumption, and diseases such as diabetes can trigger cataracts or hasten their development. 

Primary Eye Care Strategies at Insight Eyecare, Jenks

Awareness is always your first and best defense against any eye disease that might cause permanent vision loss. That’s why we recommend annual comprehensive eye and vision exams at Insight Eyecare, Jenks. We can easily detect cataracts from their earliest stages by viewing the front of your eye with an illuminated instrument and watching for any changes in your visual acuity.

Don’t panic if you’re told that you have cataracts, especially if you’re not yet having any major vision problems. We can prescribe corrective lenses, tinted driving glasses, and other primary eye care measures to compensate for the effects of early-stage cataracts. If your condition advances to the point that you need surgery, we will refer you to the appropriate practitioner and then administer ongoing evaluations to make sure that your recuperation is on track.

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