Dry Eye

Our Expert Optometry Professionals Offers A Variety Of Dry Eye Treatments

If your eyes cannot produce an adequate amount of tears to keep them lubricated or nourished or the tears evaporate too suddenly, it means you have dry eye syndrome. Dry eye is a condition that prevents you from having clear vision. It can also put you at risk for infection. If your eyes feel like they are burning, scratching, or feel like you have something in them, our optometry team at Insight Eyecare Jenks can help. We offer effective solutions that can relieve your eyes of dry eye symptoms, providing your clear vision.

Symptoms of Dry Eye

Dry eye can cause your eyes to look red and leave string-like mucus deposits along your eyelids. Your eyes may become sensitive to light, which can affect your night vision while driving. Feeling a stinging or burning sensation in the eyes is not uncommon, which could cause your eyes to become excessively watery. Vision can become blurred or fatigued if you have dry eye.

What Causes It

The problem often gets worse as you age when your eyes are less capable of producing an appropriate amount of tears. Some medications also can cause your eyes to dry out. Any kind of damage to your tear ducts can lead to dry eyes as well. Exposure to environmental conditions like dry air, wind, and smoke can make the situation even worse or cause pain. Eye surgeries can contribute to the loss of tear reduction, but it is only temporary.

Dry Eye Treatment

Since dry eye can be chronic, our optometrists will recommend a few treatment options to help keep your eyes comfortable and lessen the chance of your vision from being affected by this condition. If you have acute dry eye, we may suggest that you use artificial tears to help reduce irritation in the eyes and to help keep them moisturized. If your condition is chronic, we advise eye inserts which function like artificial tears that slowly release tears throughout the day. Another option is closing the tear ducts, which prevents your tears from evaporating quickly.

Don’t Let Dry Eyes Ruin Your Vision

If you or someone you know is suffering from symptoms of dry eyes, reach out to us for help. Call Insight Eyecare Jenks in Jenks, OK, at 918-625-3937 to schedule an appointment for soothing and effective dry eye treatment. 

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