Hello this is Dr. Haley Baldridge your Jenks eye doctor. Today we are talking about some of the problems with cheap eyeglasses. At Insight Eyecare, we want you to have glasses that meet your needs. We have an amazing team here to guide you through picking out glasses that you will love. We know it’s challenging for you to pick out the right glasses with all the options and all the companies that are fighting over your business. We want to guide you to the pair of glasses that you will love so you can overcome these challenges. We want you to have a pair of glasses that you will put on without having to worry about the quality of them and loving the way you look when wearing them. After all, eyeglasses are one of the only things you wear every single day. So let’s discuss a few things we want you to stay away from when purchasing eye glasses.

So here are our top five problems we see with cheap glasses. 

Problem number one the frames do not fit. We see many patients who come in with glasses from online that are much bigger than their face.A good optician will help you find a frame that does not stick out too wide from your face and will hold its adjustability to fit your face. Cheap classes that are made from poor quality materials such as plastics and impure metals will often not hold the adjustment to fit your face.

Problem number two is cheap coatings on eyeglasses. One of the most important things for your glasses is a no glare treatment. This is not a simple coding that could be easily scratched or wiped off. A high quality no glare treatment will take glare off the glasses lenses to allow you to drive better at night. It will repel dust so you have to clean it less often. The most recent high quality no glare treatments will also keep your eyes from feeling fatigue caused by blue light which is what screens and LED lights put out to tire and damage your eyes.

Problems number three and four go together, cheap eyeglasses are made from cheap lens materials and cheap glasses materials. Cheap lens materials can turn yellow within a year, they can crack or splinter, and they can even shatter during an accident which would leave shards in your eyes. Cheap glasses frames will not hold an adjustment to fit your face, can warp or twist during summer days especially if left in the car, and will easily break within the first year of use. As your Jenks eye doctor I want you not to have to suffer from any of these issues from cheap eyeglasses.

The final problem of cheap eyeglasses is hard to explain in a short paragraph. Modern technology of lenses allows personalized vision so you can see clearer than you ever have before in glasses. If you have ever heard someone complain they see better in contact lenses, or they have to find just the right spot for clear vision, or they have to tilt their head back to read, then they likely have cheap eyeglasses that are not designed for them.

We love to see the smile on people’s face when they pick up their new glasses. We want to help guide you through the process of buying glasses. We believe all of our patients deserve glasses that make them feel more confident about themselves. We can only help you if you are a patient of ours so please take this time now to click on the appointment button on our homepage. That is the simple first step you need to take to get the best vision possible and find that pair of glasses that you will love.

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