Success with Contacts

The doctors at Insight Eyecare are dedicated to providing you with the 3 C’s of contact lens wear; Crisp, Consistent, and Comfortable vision. By maintaining all of the latest and greatest technologies, our doctors experience high levels of success fitting even the most difficult prescriptions or patients who were told they could not wear contacts. Contact lens technologies have seen tremendous improvements in just the past 3 years. Our practice proudly offers contacts for dry eyes, for astigmatism and for crisp vision without glasses at distance or near (bifocal or multifocal lenses).

5 of the 6 Secrets to Contact Lens Success

Secret #1 – How to Get the Best Vision in Your Contacts

Your ultimate success depends on three factors; the care from your doctor, your doctor’s willingness to fit you in the brand of contacts that is best for your type of eye, and your unique lifestyle. Today we have many options for difficult Rx’s and dry eyes. At Insight Eyecare, our optometrists are passionate about finding the right contact lenses and are uniquely trained to select the best lens for your unique vision and comfort needs.

Secret #2 – Taking Care of Your Lenses

Most contact lens solutions contain preservatives, some of which can irritate the eyes to make your contacts feel dry. Changing solution brands from what is recommended may cause eye redness, irritation or even damage to your contact lenses. It is imperative to follow proper cleaning habits and cleaning instructions, if not it may lead to irritation and a reduction in vision. The best way to eliminate this potential problem is to request daily disposable contacts (used for one day then discarded). These are lenses that eliminate the cleaning process and prevent cleaning chemicals from being used with the eye. Imagine having that new contact lens feeling every day, no more scrubbing, soaking, or worrying about infections. No more cases or bottles of solution!

Secret #3 – Strictly Follow the Recommended Wearing Schedule

These wearing schedules are studied and established by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). After studying the lens, they approve a schedule that is safe and provides good eye health. Wearing lenses longer than the recommended schedule puts you at risk for certain eye infections, irritations, inflammations and even permanently reduced vision. Simply sticking to recommended wear and contact lens care schedules greatly reduces risks of contact lens induced damage, blurred vision, and comfort problems.

Secret #4 – Contact Lens Storage Tips

It is important to wash your hands before handling contacts. Your contact lens case needs regularly rinsed with your contact lens solution. Never use tap water on your contact lens case. Studies have shown that most infections occur by storing contact lenses in overused, under-cleaned contact lens cases. Your contact lens case should be cleaned every few days and replaced every three months. If your contacts sit in the case more than 2 days, the solution needs changed. Clean Cases lead to clean lenses that leads to safe comfortable eyes.

Secret #5 – Regular Follow Up

It is not uncommon to run into problems a few months after having worn contacts successfully. Either the comfort or vision is not as clear as it was. If the lens you are using is relatively new, follow up with your eye doctor instead of just trying a new lens. Just because you are prescribed an annual supply doesn’t mean your eyes will make the entire year without changing. We want you to be happy with your contacts, please do not try to suffer through until your next scheduled exam. We are here for you when problems arise, even mid-year.

What is Secret #6?

The 6th Secret is the high level of patient care we provide at Insight Eyecare. It is our attention to detail, recommending the best option and offering the healthiest lenses for your eyes and vision. It is the level of care and service provided by our eye doctor and team at Insight Eyecare. We invite you to become a patient of our practice and discover all the secrets to our success in treating thousands of contact lens patients.

If you are a first-time wearer, click here for wearing instructions.

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