Alexander Quince

“The way I heard about Insight Eye Care, is my wife was driving by, saw the facility, and she checked us in for an eye check. First thing I noticed when I arrived at Insight was that it was very well organized, it was spacious, it was clean. Very inviting atmosphere. So the first thing that really stuck out to me was the quality of the facilities, and that really sent an open invitation in terms of feeling good coming in.

What I like most about Insight Eye Care, without a doubt, is Dr. Tate.
Dr. Tate is a caring physician, he is very thoughtful. He takes his time answering all questions, and he goes a step beyond to make sure you feel comfortable in terms of understanding what he’s saying, understanding what tests may show, understanding what the exam results are. And as important, I have a sense that he cares about the overall health of your eyesight, not just for the visit, but how is it looking two, three, four years from now. What’s your eye condition, what’s your eye health going to be like down the road.
So, without doubt, Dr. Tate is, to me, what makes Insight so special. His caring approach, and his long-term approach, with the care of the eyes really stands out, and shows with his interactions each time I visit.

If I was thinking of someone who was going to visit, or thinking about Insight, I would tell them it’ll be a great place to go to really get a good sense of the health of your eyes. Having a group of people that really have a sense of caring, to make you feel comfortable, I definitely recommend it.

In terms of how Insight helped me out, was just the thoroughness of Dr. Tate. I’ve had eye exams throughout the course of my life, but he went deeper in terms of looking at the health of the eye, really getting to see where we are now, and where we’re going to be down the road. And then, even with subsequent check-ups, let’s see how your eyes have changed: have they gotten stronger? Have they stayed the same? Are there any areas where they may have gotten weaker? So he really takes a comprehensive approach. In really taking care of the health of the eye, he is easy to relate to and easy to talk to. So, by all means, to me I think that’s what makes Insight stand out.”

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