Anna Raab

“I heard about Insight Eye Care because I live close by and we go to the stores over here, and so I saw the new building and the sign. I could also tell from the sign that it was a Christian company, and so I was very interested in coming here and checking it out.

What I thought about Insight Eye Care when we first came was that it was beautiful, I was really impressed with just how well they had set everything up, and how nice everything looks, and how nice everyone is here, in particular. Everyone is very kind and they have always been very kind to us.

I love the staff, everyone is very kind, and I’ve been to other places that they seem rushed, and it’s very busy, and sort of like a number, and I always felt like things were very personal here.
Dr. Tate always remembered us, and picked up on the conversation right where we left off, and he and his staff have always just been very personable and very professional.

What makes Insight different is they are just very kind, very caring, very personable, very professional, but they’re very conscientious. They always do what they say they’re going to do. If they say they’re going to call you or follow up on something, they always do. Nothing ever falls through the cracks here, and it’s just very easy to work with them, so it’s been a wonderful experience.

If somebody was considering Insight Eye Care, I would say, “Absolutely! You need to go there. It’s definitely the best eye doctor I’ve been to, it’s just all around, I admire the practice here, Dr. Tate, and what he has going here.” I’ve told him, it’s definitely an office to emulate, and I don’t think anybody could go anywhere and find anyone better or a facility that was better or a better staff.

The way that Insight compared to other eye doctors was that, at other places, a lot of times I just either felt like I was rushed or felt like a number. People aren’t kind everywhere, they’re just not. And at Insight, I’ve always felt like they just treat us like family, and it’s very professional. We’ve always gotten great care. Dr. Tate is very conscientious, understands cutting edge technology, and goes out of his way to give us wonderful service. Our whole family comes here–except for the little one, she doesn’t have any eye problems yet–but the whole family comes and we’re big fans. We will not be going anywhere for a long time.”

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