Christian Burson

“The way I first heard about Insight Eye Care is that I started having some vision problems, and my mom kind of just came here because she had heard about it somewhere else, and we just kind of stuck with it.

When I walked in for the first time, it was definitely welcoming and everything was super fancy! It was really nice and really cool.

I like how, I was scared at first about getting glasses but, the whole experience of getting glasses and learning how to use them and eventually getting contacts was just super easy, and Dr. Tate really helped out a lot.

What made Insight Eye Care different from other doctors was, that it was so much more friendly, and it was just so much easier. In other ones, you go in, you have to wait a long time, and they just give you your prescription and just, “Get outta here,” but this place really sticks with you. It’s like family!

I would say that, if you’re ever worried about wanting to get glasses or needing glasses, just don’t be worried. Just go to Insight Eye Care and they’ll take care of you.”

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