Kellie Ann Graves

“I thought when I first arrived at Insight for the first time that it was really a very nice, clean, new facility. The staff was really friendly and I was impressed with it.

What I like most about Insight Eye Care is probably the friendly, professional staff. Everybody’s just really nice and very welcoming!

I think Insight Eye Care is different from other eye doctors that I’ve been to in the past, because they’re all just very caring about you as a person. Dr. Tate always asks about my family–my whole family comes here–he always keeps track of what we’re all doing, and that type of thing, so I feel like they really care.

I would definitely recommend anyone who is considering Insight Eye Care to check ’em out, make an appointment. I think they will not be disappointed, it’s a great place. Dr. Tate at Insight Eye Care was actually able to help me with my dry eye condition when other eye doctors have not been able to, so I’ve been very pleased.”

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