Sandra Quince

“I heard about Insight Eye Care well it’s sort of a funny story, I was actually driving on my way to Walmart. We had recently moved into the area, and had not really determined where we were going to go. And when I passed by this facility, I decided to call and make an appointment.

When I first arrived at Insight Eye Care, you know, I was very impressed by the warm welcome when you walk in the door. The facility itself is beautiful, and then of course, the eyewear is also very fashionable. I was impressed with the amount of inventory that they have to choose from!

What I like most about Insight Eye Care is the personality, and sort of the bedside manner of the doctor here. He is incredibly patient and kind, and ensures that you get the care that you need. You really feel like you’re a part of a bigger family when you come into Insight Eye Care.

What makes Insight Eye Care different from other eye care places is really just the personal touch. They know your name when you come in the door, you see the same doctor so you know who you’re going to see when you come in. They take care of our whole family, and to me, that’s important.

If I knew someone considering Insight Eye Care, I would say, “Absolutely! I think you should give them a try. I think you’ll find that their staff is knowledgable, they’re friendly, I think you’ll find that the doctor is incredibly kind and friendly as well. And I think you’ll find that their inventory is unique and plentiful.”

One of the ways that Dr. Tate has helped me, that other eye care professionals hasn’t offered me before, is the ability to see the entire eye. So, there’s a technology that he leverages that actually allows you to go in and look at, not just the surface of the eye, but behind the eye, to make sure that the membranes are healthy, and he actually goes over that with you. That’s something that was new and different for us, and that I actually take advantage of. Not only for myself, my husband, but also for my son.”

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