5 Tips to Avoid Missing Out on the Beauty of Life

5 Tips to Avoid Missing Out on the Beauty of Life

We hate to see when patients have been missing the beauty of life due to blurry vision that could have been prevented. Unfortunately, we discover this multiple times every day at Insight Eyecare. To help you avoid missing out, here are the top 5 things you can do to see as good as possible. First of all your eyes have to be healthy. A good multivitamin, living a generally healthy life with quality food and exercise keeps blood flowing through your eyes and inflammation down. Second, take the steps to prevent or treat dry eyes. Do not just suffer through to prevent getting dependent on eye drops, that is an urban myth. Dry eyes blur your vision and are worsened by screen time. Third, take big squeezing blinks, a lot. Screen time reduces how often we blink by 30% and dries the eyes out causing blur. Fourth, Get an eye exam! A quality dilated eye exam ensures your eyes see the best today and are healthy in the future to see well. Fifth and maybe most important, use high-quality lenses out of trivex material and Premium no-glare treatments. Too many times we see patients who try to save money online or in commercial opticals and they do not get the lenses to make them see well.

Avoid living in the blur, schedule an exam with Insight Eyecare now.


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