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Welcome to I care in science what Dr. Kyle Tate your Jenks eye doctor today. We are in our series about allergies and the eyes if you’re having any symptoms of red itchy puffy swollen eyes you should be looking for a side doctor. Reach out to us inside I here we treat patients of all ages we do babies eye exams kids eye exams Jenks eye doctor eye exams We offer everything from basic eye exams contact lens exams of all types and complexities treating eye injuries. Other things we treat pain guy dry glaucoma macular degeneration cataracts and many others inside. Clare is located one mile south off the creek turnpike at Highway 75 and 177 near the whimper. Wal-Mart located within inside I care is a large eye eyeglasses boutique with over a thousand eye glasses frames to meet all wants and needs. We put pride in our partnerships with some of the finest labs in the nation to give you the best vision possible out of your glasses. Our team inside I care what is to be. You are Jenks eye doctor for all your eye care and I were in needs. So today what we’re doing is we’re talking about allergies in the eyes. Allergies in the eyes can be something that really cause a lot of misery for people when your eyes have allergies. The most common symptoms that are going to be itchy. So you feel like you want to just scratch your eyes out that it can be swollen. They can be red on the white part of the eyelid can be red. Eye Allergies
There’s actually multiple different types of allergy reactions and that’s what we’re going to talk about today is what really is an allergy reaction in allergy reaction is the body’s reaction to a chemical that hurts it irritates it. This is a defense mechanism. The body basically says I don’t like this chemical I think it’s going to cause me harm. Eye Allergies. So it releases something called histamine which causes swelling and itching. Unfortunately sometimes the body gets a little too much of an hour to the reaction there and that’s when we see things like seasonal allergies. Think about when there’s mold dust and Paul and in the air. Those are things your body are saying I don’t want to ingest this so take it easy outside. Since we don’t live outside as much as our ancestors did We’ve become a little oversensitive to these things so the body senses them it is interpreting it as bad when that may not be the case. So that’s when it’s releasing histamine and that’s where the redness and everything comes from. Allergies are something that most people suffer on a daily basis and actually our area of around Tulsa is always in the top five worst places in the country for our Gs. So if you’re having any allergy symptoms that are affecting the eyes please reach out to us as your jinx. Doctor we’re here to take care of you and things like that. So a lot of patients will come to me and they may not be experiencing allergy symptoms but it’s something that we’ve noticed around the eyes and we’ll tell them that they need to get this treat. Eye Allergies
So that it does not continue to hurt their eyes. What do we mean by that is allergies on the eyes will cause a lot of basically collateral damage so allergies on the eyes when they’re in there. Here it takes all the tissue on the surface of the eyes. Housed in this tissue is actually thousands of different glands that help keep the surface moist. So it’s very common that a patient comes in and we find our Jees on the eyes. They’ll also have some symptoms of dry eye syndrome on there. As we know from our last podcast series that dry eyes are one of the biggest quality of life issues we face with the eyes having a burning stinging gritty Sandy feeling. Along with itchy red and swollen I can be quite a miserable thing. Thankfully we have wonderful treatments that can help out with this. And so we don’t want that collateral damage from the allergies being there we want to treat them to get them comfortable. Another big problem the allergies create is problem with contact lenses soft contact lenses are a wonderful blessing. And as your aging side doctor we want all of our patients to have that as an option. Well if you have allergies in the eyes that does not make eye contact lens very comfortable to wear. So we’ll have to treat the allergies on the eyes to get the contact lenses feeling better and make them comfortable all day long and that is important to a Jenks eye doctor.

Contacts can also trap allergens in there a little bit more allergens in the air that irritant can get into the tears which will go behind the contact lens and further irritate the eyes. Thankfully allergies and contact lenses are usually pretty safe meaning all the medications and things that we do in general with the eyes we can also do with contacts to get things calmed down and so one of the more important things that you can actually do if you have chronic allergies that are severe every year or that lasts throughout the entire year is you can go to an allergy doctor they will do some specific tests to find out what types of things you’re allergic to.

It can be as simple as changing the air filters in your house and I am a Jenks eye doctor that recommends it. And there’s lots of different little remedies like that that I want to spend a few minutes talking about. So you say the question is well what can I do without using medication to help my allergies. Well the first thing is to go to an allergy doctor. And inside here as you are just a side doctor we can make that referral for you as far as around the house. I encourage my patients who have severe allergies to at the end of the day wash your face in your hair don’t do that in the morning but do it before bed. Daytime wants allergens can get in our hair our eyebrows our eyelashes. This can irritate the face overnight and can cause our GI problems on the eyes. Another thing that can be done is you can wash your pillow more frequently that probably needs to be done every few weeks. I’ve had some very severe allergy patients. They put a new pillowcase on every night and they’re washing that in allergen free detergent meaning there’s no types of chemicals to help it smell good or be colored detergents. Just very basic plain to get things clean as far as your home. Running an air filter in your bedroom is huge. You know we sleep on average at least seven hours every night seven hours in the same location if that air is not well purified. There’s going to be allergens to get you sick and irritated carpets shampooed with a wet system at least yearly if not multiple times a year.

Watson was out Arjun’s can be inside carpets and getting that where it’s truly professional and clean will help out allergen spread through the House as well. We’ll also want to mop floors that house at least weekly to keep dust away and keep it clean tidy house as far as not letting dust get in and settle. The air filter for the central heating system can also be used using a higher grade or habit type filter will help filter the air. Eye Allergies. Make what you’re breathing be easier on the eyes. And if you go to the allergy doctor or a Jenks eye doctor and find that your cat or dog they’re mad to me discussion to isolate where the pet is or get a different type of pet that’s going to be more allergy friendly. And that just depends on how bad you suffer. So the main story here is there’s different ways that we can do things around the house to help out as your genes. Doctor please come let us know if you have problems with any allergies. We’re here to help out and to be your champion there. I just want you to remember that our mission is to improve every life every encounter. What that means is we want all our patients to have healthy. Lives comfortable eyes and see the best  Jenks eye doctor that they can so that you can enjoy your life. When you think that you need a jakes doctor come see it inside I care. We’ve got a very welcoming staff. A state of the art facility really advanced equipment we’re always adding new things keeping up with the latest and greatest our eyeglasses boutique has thousands of different frames.

We have thousands of different contacts in the Jenks eye doctor store. We’ve designed it to meet all the needs that you could have. As your Jenks eye Doctor remember we treat all different types of diseases things like glaucoma dry eyes allergies foreign material to back your generation all different types of disease. Bring us your red itchy swollen eyes. Let us help fix them. God bless you. Have a great day. Eye Allergies

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