Jenks Eye Doctor: The Importance of in Office Eye Exams

Jenks Eye Doctor

At your comprehensive eye exam at Insight Eyecare Jenks your jenks eye doctor, you will receive an updated glasses and contact lens prescription with explanation of why the doctor is recommending certain products for you. You will also receive a full health evaluation of the front to the back of the eye. The doctor will look for any ocular surface disease on the front of the eye, check and monitor any cataract formation inside the eye, and take a detailed look at the retina, optic nerve and blood vessels looking for any signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic/high blood pressure changes, or any retinal disease. Online eye exams have no way to monitor and detect eye disease. There are several diseases that do not affect vision until it is too late, therefore, it is very important to stay up to date on your eye health exams to catch any disease before it is too late.

Have you ever been nervous when the doctor asks you “Which is better, one or two?”

Small children get very excited to look behind our big special glasses aka: phoropter, however, many adults get anxious during this part of their eye exam worrying if they will select the right one. The doctor on the other side will not let you choose the wrong prescription. The art of prescribing glasses is quite complex, and often times the jenks eye doctor already has an idea of what prescription is right for you. The doctor will take into consideration how you use your eyes daily, the different distances your eyes need to focus at depending on your work environment, and what prescription has felt clear in the past. Watch out for those online eye exams, they do not have a human on the other side taking all of these things into consideration!

We would love to see you and provide your comprehensive eye exam at Insight Eyecare Jenks your jenks eye doctor. Contact us today at 918-901-9431 to book an appointment with a trusted eye care professional.

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