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Welcome to eyecare insights with Doctor Kyle Tate your eye Doctor near me.

Many times people do not notice that their vision is blurry and they ask me why dining eye exam if I’m not having an eye problem? With that is really trying to communicate is I feel like I see well enough and eye exams are only to make you see better. As many of us know nothing could be farther from the truth. So that is our topic for today, reasons you need an eye exam even though you see clearly. Many times when people realize they need an eye exam they will search for an eye Doctor near me, and we want you to keep us in mind at insight eyecare. We handle healthy eye exams, red eyes, macular degeneration, diabetic eye exams, sleep apnea eye exams, keratoconus eye exams, and nearsighted eye exams.

So today were gonna list out and enlighten about some reasons that you need night exam even though you see well. Family history means who in your genetic family has eye disease that might put you at risk. An example for this would be my mom has glaucoma, I need my eyes checked for glaucoma. So your parents or your grandparents have influence on what will happen to your eyes. Some of the most common genetic linked eye diseases are glaucoma, macular degeneration, high myopia, and many other severe less rare eye diseases. Another reason why you need an eye exam even if you see healthy is you you have something systemically wrong with your body such as high blood pressure cholesterol diabetes, or any type of autoimmune condition. Now obviously if your eyes are bothering you such as a red, itchy, watery eyes, sandy eyes, dry eyes of course those are reasons to have an eye exam immediately.

People search for an eye Doctor near me when they notice something’s wrong such as their visions blurry or a new eye problem has come up. That brings us to next point you can have changes to your eyes that don’t really affect vision or they can happen so slow that you have not noticed. We see many patients who come in thinking that they see well and then when we do there eye exam we can show them that their vision has changed so slowly that they didn’t notice it declining. This can happen for many reasons such as cataracts, dry eyes, or refractive changes. Finding a good eye Doctor near me can help look at these different issues and help solve them for you.

We have spent other podcast before detailing out what ages you need an eye exam. When you find a good eye Doctor near me, we will help you know when the proper time for your eye exam is whether that is yearly or every other year. Remember many of the things we do during an eye exam is not to help you see better today but to help your eyes be healthy tomorrow and for the rest of your life. The I is the only place in the body where we can see blood vessels and nerves without skin covering on. That is why the eyes been called the window to the soul because we can get a sense of systemic health that cannot be assessed in other ways that are a simple and painless as an eye exam. When you’re searching for the best eye Doctor near me you need to look at all the different types of exams they can perform and not simply choose someone who does simple glasses and contact exams. For a good quality eye exam to happen it must be dilated, there is no technology that can substitute dilation. However there is many good technology that we use at insight eyecare to help along with the doctors examination. Some of this technology makes your eye exam faster, others make it better by allowing us to further checked the health of the I.

Since we know an eye exam is simple and painless in checks the health of the I and body we can understand a different mindset at this point of why eye exams are important. So many things are happening beyond answering which is better number one or number two, which by the way is called refraction. A lot of people when they’re looking for a good eye Doctor near me there also trying to find one that can do an efficient and high-quality exam. We are getting more more questions these days about why can I exams not just be done online. One of the things I explained to our patients when there at insight eyecare is that a glasses prescription takes mental feedback to get as clear as possible. There currently are technologies that can scan the eyes in get your vision about 85% as clear as a traditional refraction. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t want to see 85% of a sunset or the smile on my kids face but I want to enjoy life in the highest quality detail possible.

So if you were any of your friends or family are looking for the best eye Doctor near me, give us a call at insight eyecare. We have facilities in both Glenpool and jinx their state-of-the-art and beautifully remodeled to give you the best experience possible. Our doctors have all performed residencies and ocular disease to be able to handle diabetes eye exams, macular degeneration eye exams, glaucoma exams, vision loss exams, and of course in general eye exams. Each of our clinics carries almost 1000 frames in stock and we carry high quality long-lasting frames which we talked about in a recent article. We use holier Branda lenses that bring you the highest scratch resistant no glare treatments that also block blue light from harming the eyes. And we use some of the highest technologies available in the lens designs to give you the clearest vision possible. The days of glass were plastic lenses are far gone. Now that you know some of the reasons why you need an eye exam even if you see clear or have good vision, call us to schedule your friends or family. God bless you guys and have a great day.

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