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Good morning everybody welcome to Eyecare insights with Dr. Kyle Tate your Jenks EYE Doctor Today we are going talk about contact lens cleaning methods. If you wear contacts it is incredibly important that you clean them the proper way. It is surprising to most of our new patients to find out when we teach them the proper way of cleaning contacts that they’ve not been taught this way before. Remember as you were Jenks EYE Doctor this is one of the things we are here for to help you know how to properly care for your contacts. If you have questions of this or this is information that you didn’t know reach out to us at Insight Eyecare. We treat patients of all ages from senior adults to newborn babies and everything in between. We offer everything from basic eye exams contact lens exams of all complexities we treat eye injuries, disease eyes, and many different things. Some of the more common things we treat are dry eyes, cataracts, glaucoma. Insight Eyecare is conveniently located 1 mile south of the Creek Turnpike and Highway 75 in 121st St. in Glenpool across from simple Simons. Inside our clinic we have a large eyeglasses gallery with over 1000 eyeglasses to meet all EYE care and eyewear needs. As your Jenks EYE Doctor we part with the finest labs to give you the best vision possible out of your glasses. Our team at insight Eyecare wants to be your Jenks eye Doctor for all your Eyecare and eyewear needs.

Today we’re talking about how to properly care for your contact lenses. Now it’s important to refer to other pages on our website if you want more information. We have training videos of how to care for contacts and how to get them in and out. The reason it is important to care for contacts is if you properly take care of your contact lenses you will have more comfortable eyes with better vision and less risk of infection. Now if all of this seems like it is too hard to do or it’s more complicated than you want and that’s okay. We now have the option of daily replacement contact lenses and we will discuss that in another section. The most common types of contacts people wear are soft contact lenses. Soft contact lenses can be cleaned in a few different ways the most common cleaning method is with a multipurpose contact lens solution. There are two brands that we recommend one is called optifree pure moist. The other is called biotrue by Baush and Lomb. Both of these contact lenses cleaning solutions do a really good job of cleaning and preventing infection if they’re used correctly. So today I’m going to teach you as your Jenks EYE Doctor how to properly care for and clean your contacts.

With a multipurpose contact lens solution, you simply take the contact lenses out of the eyes one at a time. Put one contact lens in the palm of your hand with a little bit of contact lens solution. Then give a few gentle swirls to polish the surfaces of the contact lens between your palm of your hand in your finger. This gentle rubbing will actually polish off different things like proteins and lipids and other chemicals from your tears that get stuck on the contact lens during the day. The reason we want to get these things off of the surface the contact lens is because bacteria and other microbial organisms will attach to them and then you have a higher risk of infection. After you have rubbed for 5 to 10 seconds you can rinse the contacts if they look like they needit or you can put them into a clean case with fresh contacts lens solution every night. One of the things that surprises most patients is that contact lens solution needs changed every day or every 24 hours in the case. Some patients don’t like to wear the contacts every single day and they may go a few days without wearing them. That puts the eyes at risk because things can actually start to grow like bacteria and get eye infections from that bacteria.

After you have rubbed the contacts with contact lens solution and put them in the case with fresh solution they are ready to be in the case overnight. In the morning when you get the contact lens out. You can put them directly into the eyes. Some the most important things to know when using these type of solutions is that the contact lens case should only be rinse with contact solution never with tap water. Tap water actually has organisms inside it that can cause infections to your eyes. We never want tap water to touch your contact lens case. Another surprising fact is that contact lens cases need to be replaced every three months regardless of how much you use them.

For soft contacts another commonly used cleaning solution is a peroxide-based formula called clear care. Clear care is the safest contact lens solution to keep the eyes healthy. As your Jenks EYE Doctor this is something of great importance to us. The way these work they have a specialized case that you put the contact lenses in and then you fill that case up with the specialized solution that is peroxide-based to a line on the side of the case. You put the two parts of the case together and then you let it sit overnight at least eight hours minimum. The eight hour rule is very important because you will note a slight bubbly action in the contact lens case. A chemical reaction is taking place where the peroxide is being neutralized in the saline but while that is occurring the contact lens solution is being neutralized into pure sailing. So after the minimum eight hours of using clear care when you put the contact lenses in the next morning there are not any cleaning chemicals buffers or other things to irritate the eyes such as there are in multipurpose contact lens solution. As your Jenks eye doctor this means that using peroxide-based clear care gives you healthier eyes that are more comfortable and less red. The most common types of patient that need to use clear care our patients with dry eyes and allergies. So if you have dry eyes or allergy symptoms such as red eyes greedy eyes Sandy eyes it would be good to try some clear care. Is your Jenks eye doctor we have samples for our patients to try these peroxide-based clear care contact lens solutions

Is your Jenks eye doctor if you have any questions about how to take care of your contact lenses reach out to us at insight Eyecare. Our mission is to improve every life in every encounter. That means is your Jenks eye doctor we are partners with our patients to help them of healthy comfortable lies with the best vision possible for your entire life. When you think you needed Jenks eye doctor give us a call at insight Eyecare we got an amazing staff. We’ve equipped insight Eyecare with the state-of-the-art equipment and scanning technology to meet all your Eyecare and eyewear needs. Is your Jenks eye doctor member we treat many different diseases such as astigmatism cataracts dry eyes glaucoma. We want you to bring us your eye problems we may help improve your life. God bless you guys and have a great day.

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