Podcast 29 IEC | Jenks Eye Doctor | Cataracts

Good afternoon and welcome to Eyecare insights with Doctor Kyle Tate your jenks eye doctor. Today we will talk about cataracts a little bit, as a reminder cataracts or clouding of the lens inside the eye. Later on we’ll talk about how they form, the things to look at, and on how they bother your vision. If any of this stuff sounds like something that you had or you know someone that is happening to reach out to us inside eyecare your Jenks Eye doctor. We treat patients of all ages from adults, to children, to babies. We do eye exams on the elderly we do eye exam on healthy eyes and sick eyes, everything in between. We treat different things like pink,eye dry eye, Sandy feeling eyes, gritty eyes. insight Eyecare is located 1 mile south of the Creek Turnpike at Highway 75 and hundred 121st St. near the Glenpool simple Simon’s. Located within our clinic we have a really large optical gallery with over 1000 frames of all different levels of quality meet all eyeglasses wants and needs. We partner some of the best glasses labs to give you the best vision possible out of your eyeglasses. Our team at insight Eyecare wants to be your Jenks eye doctor for all your Eyecare and eyewear needs

So today were talking about cataracts. cataracts are a natural clouding of the lens inside the eye. Cataracts are something that happens to everybody if you live long enough. As our average age is increasing and people are living longer cataract prevalence increases and is happening more and more. It’s becoming more of a problem because there are less eye surgeons that are available to do cataract surgery. As your Jenks eye doctor we are here to help walk you through the process to identify if you have cataracts. As your Jenks eye doctor we are here to explain to you the types you have how severe they are. And as your Jenks eye doctor we are here to help walk you through the surgery process. Cataracts can cause foggy vision cloudy vision sometimes patients will tell us that you just don’t see as good as I used to. More patients will come to us from other clinics and say I got new glasses but they did help me as much as I want. Even a simple eye exam in a few seconds can help identify there are cataracts inside the eye.

Once it identifies that you do have cataracts the next question is how bad are they or how much are they bothering your vision. A lot of time cataracts will be very mild and we will watch them maybe for a couple different years. They may cause a little blurry vision or they may cause glare at night, as your Jenks eye doctor were here to help talk to you about what’s being affected by the cataracts and help make the decision with you when it’s time for surgery. We have standards that we look at as far as how well you can read on an eye chart with your glasses on and how much glare affects your eyes. At inside Eyecare your Jenks eye doctor, we have tests that we can measure how much glare affects your vision and that’s something that we do on our patients with cataracts to know if they are ready for cataract surgery or not. Eye surgery can be quite nerve-racking but with the technology that is around these days having cataract surgery is not as scary as it used to be. We have laser-assisted cataract surgery now we even have dropless cataract surgery. Where instead of taking 10 drops of different medicines every day for a month you can have an injection that’s safer more effective and actually can cost less money. Some of these new technologies will actually save you money and get you a better outcome. The outcome that we have now from cataract surgery is quite amazing as your Jenks eye Doctor were here to help identify what technologies are going to be best for you

Once you have decided with us that you need cataract surgery the next step is to get you set with the surgeons office and discussed the type of lens to be used. Remember cataracts are a clouding of the lens inside the eye. The lens gets replaced with an artificial one, used to that artificial one would help you see better far away like down the road or the TV without your glasses being needed. Some patients with astigmatism used to always have glasses after cataract surgery. Now we’ve got new types of procedures and new types of implantable lenses that can actually correct astigmatism. They can give you good vision both far away such as looking at the TV and up close such as looking at your phone or computer without the need for glasses. Now of course none of these technologies are perfect but they are quite a large blessing that can actually help you see better and save you money over time. As your Jenks eye doctor I want you to remember if you experience any symptoms reach out to us at insight Eyecare, our mission is to improve every life in every encounter that means we want all our patients to have healthy comfortable eyes with the best vision possible to view and enjoy life. As your Jenks eye Doctor come see us at insight Eyecare we have an amazing staff, state-of-the-art facility, we’ve got some of the newest equipment available were always trying to learn how to better take care of our patients. As your Jenks eye doctor remember we treat all types of disease things like nearsightedness farsightedness cataracts macular degeneration astigmatism glaucoma dry eyes allergies and many many more. We want you to bring us your red greedy Sandy eyes we can help fix you God bless you guys have a great day.

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