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Eye Lid Twitch

Have you ever wondered what on earth causes that frustrating eyelid twitch and is it serious?

As you Sapulpa Eye doctor we can help!
That twitch is called myositis, also called myokymia. It usually involves one eyelid and can become very frustrating. Myositis is not a medical emergency and usually goes away on its own. If both eyelids are twitching come see us at Insight Eyecare your Sapulpa Eye Doctor, a more serious and long term condition called blepharospasm may be occurring. Blepharospasm is when both eyelids are forcibly blinking. This condition is not affected by external conditions and may be a more serious neurologic condition. There are treatments for Blepharospasm such as botox, however it is very important to ensure that there are not more serious underlying causes.

Eye Lid Twitch (Myositis) Cause

Myositis is usually caused by too much caffeine, lack of sleep, increased stress levels or a combination of the above. Eliminating one of all of those things will help the myositis improve. Most typically it will improve within a few hours, sometimes taking days. For a consistent myositis that lasts for several months, some doctors may do a BOTOX injection to help relax the muscles. There is no scientific evidence, but some patients find that eating bananas or tomatoes helps the myositis resolve. Others have reported that drinking carbonated water has helped as well. At Insight Eyecare we have had some results a few times with eye drops that are designed for allergies. These combination eye drops prescribed you us, your Sapulpa eye doctor, contain an antihistamine which some studies show will improve or reduce the myokymia.

If you experience myositis, not to worry, it will go away!! The most important thing to do is to focus on finding the cause. Stress, Lack of sleep, caffeine usually come at the same time in life. Reducing them will improve your chances of getting rid of that pesky twitching eyelid. I have had some patients report that cold compresses to the eyelids for 10 minutes can help but that has not been proven in any studies.

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