Eye Allergies | Best Medications from a Jenks Eye Doctor

Eye Allergies | Best Medications

in say I care. Learned allergies And drops to improve them.
Welcome to eyecare insights with Dr. coyote your Jenks eye doctor. Today we’re in the third part of our allergy series if you’re having any symptoms of itchy red swollen eyes you should be looking for a side doctor. Give us a call at inside I care. We treat patients of all ages. We do eye exams for kids children on eye exams and seniors great great grandparents eye exams and everything in between. We have many things to offer and different types of exams. We have basic generalized exams. We have contact lens exams of all complexities as well as eye exams for many different types of disease. We treat things like pink eye dry eye allergies cataracts colon macular degeneration and many other things as your Chink’s eye doctor inside here is located one mile south of the creek turnpike at Highway 75 in 177 near a pool Wal-Mart inside our building is a very large eyeglasses gallery with over a thousand eyeglass frames to meet all of your wants and needs. We partner with the finest wives to get the best vision possible out of every pair of glasses we sell. And inside here come meet our team. We’re here to meet all your I care wants and needs as your genes don’t matter. So today we are in part three of our our series The first part we our. What is an allergy. What are the common symptoms of red itchy burning eyes and some of the just general things you can do around your home to get a dust free environment to help reduce our genes. Eye Allergies
Part two we talked about the different types of allergy reactions whether it’s reacting to something in the air whether it’s reacting to the outrage in a body or an hour of the touch like poison ivy. We talked a little bit about some of the treatments as far as oral treatments but today we’re going to really dig into these the different type of prescription and over the counter and drops that can treat your basic our GI or red itchy watery eyes. So first we’re going to start with some of the simple things the most basic thing. Anybody can try it when they think they have allergies on the eyes is to get over counter artificial tear. So my favorite brands of tears for this would be sustained brand or ultra version. There are fresh brands up TIV version.
They both do really well at helping out the guy by getting the irritating allergen off the ice. Eye Allergies
That’s what an artificial tear can do is it can help rinse the allergens away where they’re not sitting there. Irritating me to get a little more strength. We can go to the counter drops that are designed for allergies not just a lubricating tear. Now this is where it can get intimidating because you go to a Walgreens or your local private pharmacy which is what we always recommend and it can be intimidating you walk up and there will be an eye allergy drop section. Could have 30 or 40 different brands. Well surprisingly most of them are say what I recommend for my patient anytime we’re going over the counter is a drug called alwaye whole way like allergies. A way. Is a good drug because the medicine in their works. Two different ways. It’s the anti-histamine first. So think of it like your bed in general pills that calms down whenever itching an hour is going on right then an antihistamine works by actually talking the chemicals the body rollies for the hours you. The Eye Allergies
second part of what this class of medication does is it prevents the body from releasing those chemicals for the next period of time in the period of time depends on the actual medication for all way. It works about six hours preventing any more allergen from being released or any history from being released. So I always could draw for a very mild. The downside to it it does sting when you put it. That’s one of the things I wish they could fix on it. But it does make it a little more effective as so if patients don’t get quick and easy early for alway will step into a prescription. Now people think prescription. And then they worry is it going to be too expensive. Yes our medications can be very expensive. We do have a few that have and while some of the more pioneers of the class and that’s what we all jumped to a esteem is the first prescription strength for mild to moderate allergies. It’s still twice a drop it works the same way as outway but it’s a different chemical that is much much more effective. We don’t have any studies that show how much more effective but I feel from what I see with our patients inside here is it’s going to be three to four times more effective than what is a very significant difference. Eye Allergies
So there’s a Olstein in that name and that it does a really good job and as a Jenks eye doctor, my recommendation is hard to come by.
Later on was developed a really great and the most common combo of any histamine in mass cell stabilizer and the active ingredient in there is all patenting or the brand name what we call patentable now patent on has been all out since the 1990s. It’s also twice today. It is stronger than the cells stain it does not sting like that. Oh wait. And it has that combo mechanism it works really well for your moderate allergies. Now the basic pattern all comes in the lowest concentration. It actually has a generic but we’re finding some of the generics do not work as well as even the LSD they later rereleased it has a higher concentration. Still I would go drop called pad today. Now today was revolutionary because it was strong enough to provide twenty four hour control. Well that means they can dose it only one time a day. Best in the morning. Well what we found out is it actually works for about 18 hours. So what they were saying is if you use it in the morning you have protection all day long. Nothing actually works for 24 hours.
There’s another drop from a different Jenks eye doctor.
That is I think just as strong maybe a little stronger than present day. And it’s called last de-caf same mechanism of action. It’s a little bit stronger a little bit easier on the eyes. Once a day in the morning last de-caf did a great job. When I was in my residency this was a new drop and we used it as our number one defense on allergies to help give patients those relief from dry itchy eyes that read this and that swelling that we see with allergies about 2014 the company that makes Pantanal and panted they put it into a gel form and increase the concentration. And this was really a big change for the allergy world. Bazaine is the most expensive allergy drop but it I feel it is multiple times as effective as even patent or plastic after it was so effective that the company that made last to catch almost immediately stopped promoting their drug because the new patent all called peseta bizarre. It was just so strong it does such a good job. That’s the first we’ll go to possess it is an easy drug to use it does not irritate the eyes. The gel was really well tolerated. The only problem we’ve ever had with Zeno is you know is such a thick gel that it can irritate contact so my contact lens patients sometimes will feel like their contacts become gummy. Their contacts you know are then stuck to the eye a little more during the day. So patients use pads and contacts will commonly put the drop in and then let it soak for five minutes before they put their contact lenses in.
And that helps things out immensely. So we’re very blessed with the different medications that we have for eye allergies. We can really calm down the redness the itchy the swelling that people get with allergies around the eye. Remember though from our last if you get something like poison ivy around the eyes where your body has little allergic reaction those are not something we would want to use an eye drop for because we want to treat all areas not just the eyes. And so as your genes doctor just keep us in mind if you ever get any red swollen itchy eyes reach out to us. Inside I care. Our mission is to improve every life at every encounter. That means that we want all of our patients to have healthy eyes the best vision possible so they can enjoy their life. But as we’re talking about today we want comfortable wise as well. It doesn’t matter how well you see if your eyes are itching and you want to call it every day. So when you think you need to jinx I’m going to come see you as Instead I care. Eye Allergies
We’ve got such an amazing staff that’s here to serve you in a new state of the art facility. We try and keep our equipment constantly updated to keep on the cutting edge of technology to best serve our patients. Plus our eyeglasses boutique thousands of contacts we keep in stock. We’ve designed it to all be here to meet your needs. Remember Is your Jenks eye doctor. We’re here to treat things like nearsightedness farsightedness astigmatism cataracts glaucoma and dry eyes. Allergies taking foreign materials such as metal out of the eyes. We want you to bring us your red itchy swollen eyes so that we can help you. God bless. Have a great day. Eye Allergies

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