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Things you can do to not go blind | Best Option

This kind of state with podcast number 13 inside I care the top five things you can do to prevent blindness begin podcasts. Welcome to eyecare insights with Dr. Kyle take your jenks eye doctor. Today we’re talking about a new discussion this woman actually not going to be a series like we’ve done before but this is going to be the top five things you can do to prevent blindness or keep from going blind and as a Jenks eye doctor, I think that is pretty important. That’s something people ask this all the time as you know hey what can I do to help my eyes. What can I do to improve the health of the eyes. You know people go to the doctor and they have a lot of nervousness. They’re worried about going blind losing vision and that’s you know understandable blindness is actually more common than people think. Things you can do to not go blind. But what’s amazing is twice there’s been national studies that have looked at the fear of blindness versus the fear of death and when they polled a large number of people it was almost 50/50 both studies that people equally feared blindness and death. And so let’s talk about some of the things that any person can do to prevent blindness. I do one just remind everybody that you know if you want any more information look to us inside. Here is your genes. Doctor we do eye exams on patients of all ages from little bitty baby eye exams kids eye exams. Children grandparents everyone in between. We offer different levels of exams from your basic health check eye exams contact lens exams eye disease exams diabetes exams we treat things like pinkeye cataract glaucoma macular degeneration and many others at Insight. Things you can do to not go blind
There are facilities located just south of the creek turnpike near Highway 75 and the Goolam pool Simple Simon’s inside our clinic. We’ve got a very large optical glasses shop with over a thousand frames to choose from and we have many different contacts and did amazing lab auctions to get you the best vision at your glasses. Our team inside here wants to be working side doctor for all your eye care and needs. So let’s dive right in the top five things that you can do to prevent blindness for losing vision. Some of these are actually going to surprise you. Number five is don’t smoke. This is one that shocks patients when we have to ask them because the government is making us you know do you smoke and I just had one liner. Hey just so you know you shouldn’t smoke. One of the reasons is smoking can make you go blind. It’s always a shock on their face. No one talks about it and it’s not that smoking makes you just want to wake up one day and your vision is black that can actually happen to anybody what smoking actually does is it causes. Mahnke your generation. Is so mad here to generation is the leading cause of permanent vision loss over age 65 and what macular degeneration is. It’s the generation of the central tissue of the eye. So in the back of the eye it’s the part that sees things clearly. Things you can do to not go blind
So what you’re looking at a screen of a computer right now what you look at to see people’s faces you know leaves on a tree that all comes from the macula and all the toxins and smoking will make that tissue sick over time and they get sicker and sicker and sicker till the tissue dies off when it dies. Then you can’t see you in you’re stuck with really really bad vision so smoking can make you go blind where you can’t see what you’re looking at. And it can affect your function to where you can’t just function in normal life. So that’s number five. Don’t smoke the number four thing you can do to prevent blindness is to go outside more. This sounds funny. But is your Jenks eye doctor. We actually want you to be taking breaks. God didn’t intend us to be on the computer all day. Is your Jenks eye doctor we need you to be stopping looking outside and relaxing those eyes. The other side of that is we’re finding more and more evidence of something that television and computer screens put out and all the new LCD lights called blue lights and it’s light that’s in-between U.V. hand visible light that actually harms the eyes. Over time this causes back your degeneration which we just explained but it also throws off your heart in your sleep rhythms and so taking you rate being outside more is important. This is vital to our kids. You know everybody’s talking about that as a hot topic these days. How much is too much screen time. Kids are wanting to just communicate on their phones and then work home computers they don’t have books in school anymore it’s on tablets because that’s supposed to be cheaper. We need to make sure kids at home are getting outside more and limiting their screen time.

So Tip number three from a jenks eye doctor things you can do to prevent blindness and vision loss. Just take a multivitamin that’s a very important thing over your entire life is not just take it once or twice but that daily multi-vitamin gets in your system things that reduce toxins in the whole body and helps fight things like cancer which can affect the eyes it can actually help with macular degeneration glaucoma. Different types of things. Taking a general multivitamin essentially makes your body work more efficiently and that can include your eyes. And so number two is what are some glasses now. This one has a lot more to the punch on it. These are things your little things you can do but wearing sunglasses. Now we’re getting the big stuff that’s why we put it at number two. We’ve got to block U.V. light. Our bodies these days are not made to handle UV light. It causes problems all around. Our last podcast series talked about cataracts. Things you can do to not go blind. Cataracts are actually worsened by U-V. So by wearing sunglasses you the protection on the eyes that can help out. Now the amazing thing inside here is we have made the commitment is your Jenks eye doctor to make sure all of our lenses that we sell clear and sunglasses have U-V blocking properties. The other thing that works sunglasses are U-V blocking lenses will do is it won’t keep all the skin around the eyelids from getting U-V damage which leads to cancers. Things you can do to not go blind
The most common cancer on the islands of basal cell carcinoma which is a very nasty thick bleeding area of the eyelid we could imagine there’s not much tissue on the island you can’t cut the eyelet out and take skin from your leg and put it in place and think it’s going to work right. It’s too special of a tissue and so basal cell carcinoma is something very serious and very real. And then you know we’ve talked a lot about macular degeneration already but. U-V damage is one of the biggest causes over macular degeneration. Now with that lens and with that macular getting U.V. damage a lot of parents think that they need it more as an adult. But what our studies have shown us is that the inside of the eye gets. 80 percent of its lifetime damage by the 18th birthday. What that means is out of all the damage to the I guess for me ultraviolet light. 80 percent of it is done by the time you’re 18. The reason for that is the natural lens in the eye that will someday turn into a cataract. Bollocks U.V. light. From passing through it all and once you’re older the older you get the more you light it protects. And so before 18 there’s not really any changes there to help protect that eyes. So that’s where we can get the big danger there. Now the last one as a Jenks eye doctor is the most important. So Things you can do to not go blind
here’s the number one thing that you can do to prevent blindness and vision loss is get your eyes examined with a full dilated eye exam. Now the reason I say it that way is a lot of people think reading a chart on a wall somewhere is an eye exam whether it’s at a school or at their primary care office. But if it’s not a dilated eyes and we’re checking vision checking pressure checking how the eyes work together checking how. The retina looks how the Lynds looks all the different tissue using a sort of microscope that’s not an eye exam. And so it’s common that people come to us before anyone educated them and they’re like Woss C-grade So why do I need to come to the doctor. Well in reality the vision is just a small part of what we’re checking it’s all the health stuff that’s just the main importance. So the American Medical Association has is not a high cure Association this is not doctors making this rule with what the American Medical Association has said is that if your body’s perfectly healthy and you’re under age 40 meaning you have no concerns of blood pressure weight cholesterol diabetes. You can have an eye exam every other year if you have any concerns of that thing or if your eye doctors had any concerns you need at least a yearly eye exam and once their problem was present. The eye doctor may prescribe that you need to come in more. Now let’s break that last one down a minute because you know we can have a healthy teenager who they think that they’re doing great and they don’t have any problems. Things you can do to not go blind
But the doctor may have some concerns Where’s the family history. Did dad have glaucoma did. Did mom or dad have some nearsightedness that came about about the age of the teenager so that yearly eye exam can be for all ages just depending on the concerns and the need the doctor sees. The amazing thing that people don’t know is in my care it’s more of a preventable disease. If your doctor could know you were going to get a sinus infection next week wouldn’t it be great if they could prescribe antibiotic to keep it from happening. Well the doctor can do that. We can see glaucoma. We can see make your degeneration we can see all sorts of things that if we take intervention we can stop. And so your edgings eye doctor. I want you to remember these top five things.
Number five don’t smoke. Number four go outside more or less computer and screen time. Number three take a general multi-vitamin. Number two. Where are you protecting sunglasses Things you can do to not go blind.
And number one the best thing that you can do is to get your eyes examined as you’re doing Doctor. Our mission is to improve every life and every encounter. That means we want all of our patients to have healthy eyes comfortable eyes and the best vision possible so they can see all the amazing things in life. When you think you need a jinx eye doctor come see it and say I care. We’ve got an amazing staff a wonderful state of the art facility and exam equipment. We have a commitment to staying up to date all the latest techniques. We work really hard keeping fashionable options in our eyeglasses gallery thousands of contacts in stock. We’ve designed all this to meet the needs of any patient as your genes eye doctor. Remember we treat all types of eye diseases not just healthy eyes. We want you to bring us your eye problems so we can help.

Bless you. God bless you guys. Have a great day. As your Jenks eye doctor, I am out

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