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Hello welcome to I care in science. Dr. Kyle is your Jenks eye doctor. Today we are in our series about allergies in the eyes. Remember if you’re having any symptoms of itchy red scratchy swollen eyes you should be looking for a side doctor reach out to me at inside I care. We treat patients of all different types of exams we do kids and children exams. We do infant exams all the way up through senior citizen exams. We offer everything from just basic eye exams to make sure the eyes are healthy eyeglasses exams contact lens exams of all different types even eye injuries. We treat many different things like pink eyes dry eyes cataracts call coma many many others. Diabetes is another big one that we’re treating more and more. Inside here is located one mile south of Crete turnpike Highway 75 in 177 near the glen Poole Wal-Mart. Inside our clinic we have a very large. Eyeglasses framed boutique with over a thousand eye eyeglasses to meet all I care needs needs one of the things we take pride in is we partner with some of the finest labs out there to get the best class as possible. Eye Allergies
That means that we’re here to help you see as well as you can and meet all your I care and I were needs as you were So today we’re in our second part of our series about allergies as a Jenks Eye doctor and the eyes as a reminder of the most common things people come in it’s just with the red itchy eyes it’s usually not anything that got in the eyes. It’s not anything that they’ve ate or any medicines they’ve used this stuff from in the air. Last time we talked about some of the different things around your home that can be done to help reduce allergies you know folks around making sure that all test is out of the carpet out of harm four years out of your pillow case. Washing your hair and face at the end of the day. Those are some of the most important things along with the types of filters we use in your bedroom and then also just your general heat and air system to keep the air as clean as possible. Today I want to talk about specific types of allergy reactions though. And as we just mentioned we’re going to start first though with allergens in the air. So it rumored allergen is that your test that says the body’s reaction off and allergies in the air or chemicals in the air or the first reaction that we see because it’s the most common one that we see. Eye Allergies
So something is floating around the air it comes in contact with either the nose cause we call post nasal drip or a runny nose allergies or it gets in the eyes that’s where you get that red itchy swollen eye from. We also talked about last time that you know one of the reasons we treat allergies in the eyes is not just to make you feel better but it’s also because that is what will help prevent side effects things like dry we have many different treatments for this. We’re not the jenks eye doctor that is going to get into detail but for this type when a chemical is in the air and it’s gotten in the eyes will generally treat with an eye drop and that’s going to be a little sneak peek into our third podcast on allergies so I don’t want to speak any more about that. But let’s talk about what happens when you get an allergy chemical in the body that can be a little more serious. So this would be a thing like food allergies. This would be thing like allergies to medications. And we’re going to break it down into you know those two different categories stuff that you’ve taken in and the chemicals that your body’s allergic to so let’s start by thinking about peanut allergy. We’re seeing that more and more in our population that kids have severe peanut allergies. So there is an oil there that they are coming in contact with and it’s causing the body to react. The body’s saying I don’t like this. I think this is dangerous so it’s really eating all those histamines and irritant chemicals. The symptoms on this can be a lot more life threatening or severe than something in the air that affects the eyes. Yes you can get allergies from something that you’ve ate or has gone into the body. So we can see medication our reactions affect the eyes. Eye Allergies are nasty, and we are the Jenks eye doctor that can help.
But we’re not as worried about that as other things like simply breathing when you take something in such as a peanut when you shouldn’t have or such as a new drug that you don’t know you’re allergic to that’s going all throughout your body all throughout the bloodstream. So we worry most about the airway because the airway that swells up shut you can’t breathe. Eye Allergies
And that’s called a lactic reaction that’s the whole body is just going into a huge reaction. And the treatment for that unfortunately is epinephrine It’s the quickest thing that will cause the airway to expand so that air can get through there.
And so epi pins are becoming more and more common because all these different things that we’re now arge to that as a population we didn’t used to be. Unfortunately the drug companies have got a little greedy. And the Epi pins can be $500 a pin which of course anyone will pay to make sure that their child safe from these types of allergies. And so these allergy reactions from the body can be quite dangerous but thankfully we have treatments like an epi pen a little slower acting. Let’s say that you hate something and your face is swollen you’re not having any trouble breathing or in your hands are swollen and new medications cause swelling things like that will come and we will put you on a steroid where that’s a pill or an injection in steroids. Both the pill and the injection can be a short acting or a long acting. What that means is short acting is just a real quick dose that will be out of your body the next day though. Calm that reaction down. Eye Allergies. That’s usually what we’re going to go to on this type of reaction when you accidentally ingested or taken a chemical into the body that has an allergy to it as opposed to the next one we’ll talk about which would be like when you touch something like poison ivy a Jenks eye doctor will write something like a medrol dose pack or a longer acting steroid injection that will help keep that calm over the next few days so short acting is short lived in the body. Real quick reaction. Help calm things down. Long actings we take over multiple days that stays around longer.
That helps for the long term reaction. So let’s dive right into what happens when we touch something that our bodies or to him I mean the best the best example there is the poison ivy because so many people are familiar with it but it can be anything you can get swelling from many many different types of plants you can be allergic to any type of chemical Droga food that we touch at your skin boils up. This type of reaction usually you have more rash more blister and swelling is something that you touch. Poison Ivy is a lot less likely to make your throat swell up. So it’s not quite as dangerous but it can be more miserable than the other ones because it can spread all over your body. Now I use poison ivy but don’t get that confused of a case where poison ivy has been ingested into the body and it gets into the bloodstream. One of my staff her children was moaning with their father and when they moved through some poison ivy that oil was in the air it was ingested through breathing and they went to the bloodstream through the whole body. That’s when we would prescribe a steroid that’s different than the touch type the touch type is only going to have the reaction for where you touch it. That rash that swelling should go away. Remember as your Jenks eye doctor if you’re ever do get poison ivy around the eyes let us know so we can make sure the eyes are safe. We can do an eye exam for allergies and prescribe something to get that calmed down.
And so for the touch allergies it once again at treatment we’re going to use There’s the steroid. One of our preferences is you can do a quick shot. Just one quick poke and it’s over. Eye Allergies
So as your drink jeans I doctor I want you to remember if you experience any itchy redness any swelling or rashes around the eyes or involving the eyes reach out to us at Insight I care. Our mission is to improve every life at every encounter.
That means we want all of our patients staff healthy come from wise with the best vision possible to view and enjoy their life. When you think you need a jinx eye doctor come see that inside I care. We’ve got an amazing staff a beautiful brand new state of the art facility. We’re always updating newer equipment as things advance our large glasses boutique. Thousands of contacts we have available. We’ve designed all this to meet the needs of our patient as your Jenks eye doctor remember we treat all different types of diseases from things like nearsighted farsightedness astigmatism we treat things like cataracts glaucoma mank degeneration diabetes dry eyes allergies and the eyes for an matyr Moville. We want you to bring us your problems let us see your red itchy eyes. So is your genes. a Jenks Eye doctor we can help you out. God bless you guys. Have a great day. Eye Allergies can go away forever with a Jenks Eye Doctor

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