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Walton Eye Care in sites with dr. Kyle, Tate, your Jinx eye doctor. Today we are in our series about 5 mistakes. People assume about health care and big box stores. Now you’ll find that my opinion of any type of healthcare being in a big-box store, such as a Walmart a shopping mall at Costco, is not exactly positive. I think those are great stores for being able to buy inexpensive things in a lots of things quickly and I think they’re great stores for spending your money more than you want to. I do not think that Health Care should be a part of anything retail, and so we’re going to discuss that a little bit today why that is and what assumptions people make the number 5 he’s going to be where we start off with, for we get into That I want to just say it was a reminder, Insight, Eyecare. We are Private Eye Care Clinic. We are not a commercial chain. This is my Clinic dr., Kyle, Tate, that we started and is your Jinx eye doctor. Jenks Eye Doctor We treat exams of all types and all ages. We do newborn exam, baby, exams, child exams, kid exams, adult exams, seen your exams, we do Medicare exams, we do Medicaid eye exams, all sorts of commercial Health insurances. We offer everything from basic exams to eye disease. We treat things like glaucoma high blood pressure, make your generation diabetes, cataracts many things like that. We do I injuries, we do dry eyes, we treat allergies, red eyes, pink eye things like that Insight, Eyecare were located south of the Creek Turnpike at Highway 70, 5 and 121st Street near the Glenpool Walmart to were conveniently located where Jinx, Sapulpa and Glenpool all made Up located in our Clinic Optical Gallery, we have over thousand frames to meet all eyeglasses wants and needs. We partner the finest labs to give you the best Vision possible out of your glasses, our team Insight Eye Care wants to be. You were Jinx eye doctor for all your eye, care and eyewear needs as your Jinx eye doctor. I want you to remember if you experience anything that we talked about today, reach out to acid inside I care, so the five mistakes, people assume about Healthcare in a big box, store number five. They think that materials and products for the same wherever they go. So I can understand that assumption and doesn’t help that these types of stores promote generics that are the same as or equal to. But let’s talk about contact lens solution for a minute contact lens Solutions. The generics are not the same as the name brand and I think, if someone really legally when to challenge these companies, make to do that. Jenks Eye Doctor One of the two newest and best contact Solutions are Biotrue and opti free puremoist. And if you walk in to say Walmart, you will see a box similar to the Biotrue opti-free and they will say on their similar to well. In reality of a mean similar to is that they didn’t put water in a bottle. It is a contact solution or saline, but it is not one that will protect and clean the same as these is not one to be as soft as these you know, and I care what’s will get eyeglasses frames. Jenks Eye Doctor Walmart has all their own frame lines that they reach out to other companies and say we need you to make frames cheaper. We need to make them cost less. We need to make them cost this much for us to carry a frames and companies do that companies will cheap it out their product. They do it with TVs, the TVs that you buy, that are Samsung at Walmart or maybe just for Walmart. If you go buy one from BestBuy you’ll find different quality.

If you go buy one from a high-quality retailer that still a Samsung of the same size, you’ll get even higher quality, so there’s many different things that they do to cut their costs. That actually give you not as high quality of products. You can find that all throughout the store, everything from Hardware, if you go to a local hardware, store you’re, usually in a fine higher quality products that won’t break is easy. In the same things happens at Lowe’s, even though Lowe’s is not currently talking about having any type of doctors in their Lowe’s and Home Depot have different levels of quality. And then, if you go to an ace, you’ll find even different levels. Calling personalization of lenses for glasses that we sell it in sight Eye Care cannot be purchased in big box stores. Are Optical changed their selling, cheaper, more basic things, then what a quality eye doctor is going to do for you, so the number for mistake: people soon about Healthcare and big box stores, they think they’re getting the same exams other clinics. We get patients every day that I never been outside, of Big Box store, I care or never been outside, of a cattle call Eyecare and they come to us and they’re Blown Away. We find problems that have been bothering them for years that no one’s ever talk to them about. We find problems that can be fixed with their eyes. They didn’t know about, and we find problems that are hurting their quality of life. Cuz we’ve actually taking the time to talk to them so you’re not getting the same level of care, Jenks Eye Doctor any type of store Clinic. That is going to judge doctor by how many scripts right now about how many patients they seen our to a point, is not getting good care. And so, if a doctor has to be worried about seeing if patients or else they lose their job, they’re not going to be spending the time to help you out and give you a proper throw exam like you need there to be worried about getting in getting Out and so there’s a big difference between treating a problem today like an Urgent Care setting verse treating a patient for life and when you’re in these big box stores, their doctors do not have the ability to treat you for the rest of their life. To look at you and think we’ll, how is this patient going to be seeing how their eyes going to feel in 5/10 34 years? The number three mistake people make when assuming big box stores have good health care is when other states have changed laws to allow Healthcare, those big box stores of hurt their economies and hurt their states so Kansas. A few years ago I lost the battle and doctors were allowed into Walmart. So immediately what happen is over the next three years, dozens of doctors, local clinics in small and medium-sized communities, were put out of business jobs Ross for the doctors for older workers and families. Jenks Eye Doctor Quality of life was hurt, tax revenues were hurt and money was pulled out of those communities if you think, when you’re buying from a local store that money stays in the community. So it goes back to you anything that takes money out of your community and also out of your state like if someone buys a Costco or Walmart that hurts your local economy. That’S less money for things to be improved to fall around 4. That’S jobs lost! You are country was built on the backbone of small businesses here in Oklahoma. We have many communities that have been significantly hurt by Walmart coming in causing all the small businesses in local stores that compete with them to close, and we got talent’s here in Oklahoma that actually Walmart came into ended up, shutting things down and then close their stores, Because they weren’t busy enough and now all those family stores that were generations-old have been shut down and now those communities here in Oklahoma do not have places to go for groceries. I’Ve been traveling and those places are essentially drying up. Another thing with allowing Healthcare in a big box stores how it hurts your state is.

Oklahoma has been known as a worldwide model for Eye Care due to the training our doctors get and the freedom to be able to practice their discretion because they don’t have a retail entity such as a mall Target. Jcpenney’S Walmart telling the doctors how to practice and how to treat the patients Oklahoma is had a more advanced training and we’ve had better healthier ice because of it. We have a great States, and, unfortunately, our state so many times or the bottom of the list of things. This is not somewhere. We want to be at the bottom of the list when we’re currently the top the number to mistake that people assume about Healthcare in big box stores. They do not know the doctors are incentivized by how many prescriptions they can write or how many exams can be performing. This obviously changes whether you’re talking about a pharmacist having to dispense so many medications an hour that they can’t possibly sit down and talk to people about the problems in the side effects for how to use as medications were there you’re talking about a nurse practitioner or Physician’S assistant, who is Judge by how many prescriptions they write to send to the pharmacy or how many patients are treated with an hour or an eye doctor. That’S judged on how many glasses they’ve seen those are not good ways to judge how effective they are. You know it’s hard to judge how many lives have been saved, how many sicknesses have been stopped prevented, how many people are able to see better or not go blind. Those are hard things to judge, Jenks Eye Doctor but those are the types of things that private doctors look at. It is their duty is not here to make money and to drive people into these big box stores. Their duty is to improve quality of life, to protect and to heal. One of the current biggest complaint about health care is that companies, when they Rush doctors, those doctors are not able to listen to the patient complaints. That’S gotten worse with the Affordable Care Act, has gotten worse with electronic records. There’S all these different factors, including big box stores, like Walmart, that’s trying to take the doctor-patient relationship away and is trying to distract from that face-to-face time. If your physician is on a Time clock and in your exam or he could lose his job, how do you think that’s going to affect your care and so the number one problem that we seen the stakes of people assume about Healthcare and big box stores? Jenks Eye Doctor Is they do not realize that it is not a service to help you, but just to get you in the door to buy more items? Here’S the current issue right now in Oklahoma, big box stores can set up Clinic if Walmart cared about improving your life and proving your health Walmart could use their finances and resources to set up a medical clinic in a parking lot of the store anywhere else. Jenks Eye Doctor They wanted to, they have the money to buy any real estate, but that’s not what matters All That Matters to them is to get you into their store and have more time on the clock in their store, walk through the door and spend more time there. They know if they get you to walk through the door you’re going to buy something extra if they get you to walk through the door, that they’re going to buy, spend more time in the doors you’re going to be buying more things. We’Ve all been guilty of this. How many times have we gone to a place like Walmart Target for one item and come out with five other things? This is what they do. I personally been a victim for this.

I remember time walking up to a big box store pharmacy to get one of my wife’s prescriptions and I could see it ready and they’re out. Then I saw exactly where it was and they said it was not ready and to come back in 30 minutes, and so I killed time the store I ended up, leaving coming back when I came back, the medication was at that exact same spot, a person. Jenks Eye Doctor Look me up the computer, they went and grabbed it from the exact same racket was on and then handed to me and took my copay, and so the point of that story is there going to do whatever they can to get you to buy more? Jenks Eye Doctor This is what it’s about: Medical Care should be focused on the patient to help people not improve stores income. As your jeans eye doctor, remember we’re here to help you out. We are not part of a big commercial chain. We are not part of a big box store, our focus is to improve every life and every encounter is your Jinx eye doctor. We want you to have the best Healthcare possible so that you can have good come through vision now and for the rest of your life. Bring us your eye problems. We want to help you out, and God bless. Everybody have a great day.

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