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Jenks Eye Care | Best in the business

medically necessary contacts inside Eye Care. Dr. Kyle tape begin podcast. Welcome this dr. Kyle Tate. We are in our Eye Care insights as your Jinx eye doctor today. We’Re bringing you some information about medically necessary contact lenses. So if you ever felt like you have high astigmatism and you don’t see well in your glasses, your stigmatism has been getting a lot worse over time, medically necessary contacts, maybe what’s needed to improve your vision. So this is not for a patient who can see 20/20 or can wear soft contacts, but whose Vision, just seems distorted, seems clear. Usually, these patients go around a few doctors who, just quote quote, can’t get their prescription right in what they need is a special type of contacts. Jenks Eye Care You’Re noticing any of this, or you have a lot of people in your family that we’re harder or special contacts reach out to us Insight. Eyecare, is your Jinx eye doctor. Remember we’re here taking care of patients from all ages, we do newborn exams. Would you kid exams, child exams, adult exams and seen your exams? We offer everything from basic eye exams. Jenks Eye Care we do all different types of contact, lens, eye injuries, eye disease, we treat pink eyes, dry eyes and many other Insight. Eyecare is located one mile off the Creek Turnpike across from the Glenpool IHOP Insider Clinic is a large Optical Gallery with over a thousand eyeglasses to meet all wants and needs. We using the finest labs in the nation to give you the best Vision possible out of your glasses, come see your team Insight Eye Care, Jenks Eye Care your Jinx eye doctor. We want to be here for you for all your eye. Care and eyewear needs so medically necessary contacts. Only affect a very, very small percentage of the population, but for those that need them, it’s a make-it-or-break-it type deal on the reason being these patients have usually a problem on the front surface of the eye that prevents them from getting good vision from glasses. For soft contacts, usually these patients present with higher amounts of a type of blur called a stigmatism and it’s higher than they can get in a soft contacts.

These patients usually come in seeing about 20 30, maybe worse, with her glasses that are usually within a year old and I’ve gone from doctor doctor just trying to get someone to figure out. Why can’t they see better, so most of the conditions that cause you to need a medically necessary contact are conditions on a clear white. I, what I mean by that is the eye itself, never looks red. It doesn’t look like any problems unless you do some specific testing or have a really cute in the steam. I, this type of thing will be missed. So what am i? The Queen? Esther contact is a contact lens that gives a new front surface of the eye when an image comes in the eye to be focused at first hit, the very front layer of the eye is called the cornea now the cornea that spelled with the sea cornea. It is clear and located in front of a colored irises when people look at your eyes and they see your blue red brown eyes will their actually looking through the cornea and is your Jinx eye doctor. We have extensive training about evaluating Cordele Health, Jenks Eye Care seeing if these conditions are there, who’s corny as usual, have some regularity. So, instead of being perfectly round like a pool ball, they will have bumps valleys distortions thick than areas different things that distort them is so, if you’ve ever seen a window, that’s really old at the glass was a perfectly even and smooth. You’Ve noticed how it distorts. Visual, that’s how a cornea that needs medically necessary contact will do that, but I can be four different types of conditions. Kind of laundry list of the most common would be one called keratoconus behind that we would see a condition called pellucid marginal degeneration. We would do these types of contact for scars on the eyes. A very common one is after lasik the I will get kind of a peek to it, verse being perfectly smooth and round. So those are the types of conditions that need a medically necessary contacts. As your Jinx eye doctor Wii Fit these contacts for patients of all ages, normally the patient between teenage years and their thirties when they’re finding out they need this. Usually after 40 years old people know whether or not they have. This is just becoming normal part of life, and so it’s a younger population that we tend to diagnose with this for the first time and get them fixed up and as your drinks eye doctor,

it’s a very rewarding life. Changing process to take somebody who’s struggling to see and do their job and then get that fit a type of contact, and they can see we’ve done this many times for patients, people who are about to lose their job and I needed a medically necessary contact as Their their Jinx eye doctor, we were able to improve their life that way. So these types of contacts are not your basic soft contact. They have to be precisely fit to the eye that takes multiple visits. That takes many more time with a doctor that takes many more resources, a lot of different testing to figure out. What’S going to be the best, so these types of contacts can be quite expensive, who’s going to actually pay for them. Medical insurance and vision plans. Both can cover this type of thing, but it’s not like regular contacts where it’s easy to figure out how much they pay, because the fitting cost can be over ,000. Due to all the complexity, as you’re inside doctor hear it inside, I care we can work and figure out these types of plans. What is available, what benefits to help make this affordable for our patients but patience category needing a medically necessary contact, also don’t have very much of a choice because it is actually necessary to make them seeing functionalized the contact they needs. These patients sometimes can get these completely covered, Jenks Eye Care sometimes they’re having to pay ,000 out of pocket to cover the contact and there’s three main types of contacts that will use here and there’s, what’s called a rgp, which is what people call it hard contacts is the ones That you would see, and all the movies where everybody would stop and be looking for the contact on the ground, Jenks Eye Care then there’s also a hybrid length of a hybrid lens. Has a heart center in a soft outer skirts of the Heart Center. Never actually touches the eye. Jenks Eye Care This is done to increase comfort and then the third time that will use is called a squirrel in it’s a very large hardland and it never touches the cornea. And so it rests on the white part of the eye and it’s really the most comfortable. All these times, it’s also the safest to wear of all these types and more economical than the hybrid lens. Isn’T the way all these contacts work. Remember it’s creating a new artificial surface to focus the eye and nice smooth focus on their will allows the patient to be able to see you in the way that they need to so as a review. If you are going for my doctor to eye doctor – and you know, you have astigmatism – and you know things just aren’t as sharp as you should be – seek us out and side Eye Care as your Jinx eye doctor and we’re trained to look Beyond just the basic Type of glasses and contacts and look for these medically necessary contacts for diseases such as keratoconus for degeneration of the cornea scarring contacts after lasik things like that. As your Jinx eye doctor,

I want you to remember to reach out to us and said I care for all your needs for Eyecare eyewear. Our mission is to improve every life that every encounter. That means that we want all our patients have healthy eyes. Come from a wise, the best Vision possible to enjoy their life when you think you needed Jinx eye doctor come see us where we’ve got amazing staff state-of-the-art facility. With some of the most advanced equipment surround, we have lasers to treat eye disease. We have a ginormous eyeglasses Boutique. We have lots of contacts available. It’S all here to meet your needs is a patient. As your Jinx eye doctor. Remember we treat eye disease as well as just basic eye exams for all the sweet things like nearsightedness farsightedness, astigmatism, glaucoma, cataracts allergies. We take metal out of the eyes, macular degeneration diabetes, you name it. We take care of it. We can get you where you need to go. We want you to bring us all your irritated eyes, your blurry eyes, so we can help improve your life. God bless. Everybody have a great day.

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