Jenks Eye Doctor | No One Compares

Jenks Eye Doctor | No One Compares

Welcome to Eye Care in sites with dr. Kyle Tay, your Jinx eye doctor today we’re in our series about the five mistakes people make when choosing an eye doctor he’s a very common things, and if any of this sounds like things, you’ve done reach out to acid Insight Eye care remember: we treat patients of all ages from newborn babies to great-grandparents. We offer everything from basic exams contact lens fits of all complexities, eye injuries. We treat pink eyes dry eyes. Many other types of eye problems in Sinai cares located one mile south off of the Creek Turnpike Highway 75 and 121st Street near the Glenpool IHOP located within our Clinic. We have a large frame Gallery over a thousand different eyeglasses to me all your wants and needs. We work hard partner, find the finest labs in the nation to give you the best Vision possible out of your glasses, lensesparty mints. I, Jenks Eye Doctor like you, want to be your Jinx eye doctor for all your eye. Care eyewear needs so today in our podcast is podcast number 22, we’re talking about the five mistakes people make when choosing eye doctor. So these are very common thoughts and things that you know when you’re thinking about choosing a jinx eye doctor, you may not be thinking about what’s the best, you just try and get the job done and if you’re like me, it’s just on your checklist. Get this done, okay, done check, moving on down the road and so number five people look for one who have open hours and they are not at work. So, if you’d stop thinking about it for a minute, it is important. Take off work has an eye doctor. We have to shut down the entire Clinic anytime. I have to go to my own doctor, but stop and think about the doctors that workin the after hours nights and weekends. Usually, those are doctors that are maybe not top of their field. When there’s a high demand to see somebody, Jenks Eye Doctor that’s a good sign if they’re doing things right there at the top of their field that someone who’s going to open these late hours is just being curious. Their patients number for the people, look for the one that gets them in and out the quickest. You know getting your oil changed is a great thing to have in and out quick go in the grocery stores at great thing to be in and out quick you’ll spend a lot less money. Anything medically related. You really don’t want it to be getting in and out as quick as possible. That’S not in your best interest to move in and out through a doctor’s office number three people look for the one that is on their insurance plan this one. I can talk about a lot more and I’ll. Try not to bore you, but in general we put too much faith in insurance, Jenks Eye Doctor as we all assumed the insurance companies have rules that are best in safer. I see you’re putting your wife or, in this case, risking your blindness in a company that was about making money and I care, we see many many more clinics that are being sold to an owned by parent companies that also owns Vision plan.

So they own every step of the way they on the doctor’s office. They own the frames, the lenses, the vision plans, the labs that make everything they’re trying to control every aspect in. Do you think a company that controls everything like that? It’S going to pick and choose what products are best. Where do you think they’re just going to be using what they have available? So if you’re thinking any of these things sound familiar, I go yes, I do look forward just what’s on my insurance plan and don’t check anything out come see his Insight. Eye care we got to mazing technology, we put lots and lots of time and energy into our training into providing an amazing experience. Number two people look for the one that is cheap as we get this all the time people call in, and they just say, hey how much is an eye exam cost, something that our economy in our society needs to understand is the difference between cost and value. You can have something that cost high, but gives you very little value. You can have something that cost average. That gives you an extreme value and there’s many other scenarios that we can use their butt in Eye Care, Jenks Eye Doctor especially in glasses. You get what you pay for. There’S a lots of amazing technology that we can use in glasses. Now, in fact, glasses are personalized to a level beyond what we normally used to and the cheaper you go, the less likely you are to have the pair glasses that you are the cheaper. You go! The more likely are getting scratches getting them been getting them Twisted, getting them to not last very long, cheap using means we’ll call. It usually means problems down the road at Insight Eye Care. As your Jinx eye doctor, we focus on getting products at last. We’Ve searched the country trying to find some of the strongest glasses and the best contact lens options. I was just reminded yesterday, but patient that have been to multiple doctors and ever since she had her Lasix, she was not able to wear contacts now she had Lasik her eyes changed and she was stuck in glasses. Looking around for the cheapest eye. Jenks Eye Doctor does not help her at all. We won’t be the most expensive, but by the time she you have to share contacts again that were comfortable that provided good Vision. Those are Priceless things in when your life is improved, that much that’s what we want for people cured inside I care cuz. Our mission is to improve every life ever encounter, so the number one thing that is a mistake that people make when choosing an eye doctors, people look for ones that are at a big-box store. Who do you want to make a decision about your medical care? It’S a proven fact that big box stores control how many different prescriptions are written or filled or glasses or sold their looking at things from just a business standpoint, not a medical standpoint, and there has to be some give-and-take there. So, who do you want making decisions about? What’S best for you? Would you like a doctor that has a contract that has to see a lot of patients a day or Doctor?

Who has the freedom to say it’s worth my time to take care of this patient and treat their problem? Do you want the doctor that has the time available in their schedule to see a problem with your eyes and say you know this could be an issue down the road, let’s deal with it before it hurts this person, or do you want the doctor, Jenks Eye Doctor that’s concerned About having me to quote having to Cena patients having to worried about losing their job because they’re not selling enough prescriptions or glasses, or contacts a lot of big box and retail stores, they actually pay their doctor. Based on how many patients they can see a day when this is encouraging, is it cattle call? This is encouraging doctors to spend a little time with patients as possible and just check out the bare minimum things for an exam. What do you want with your eyes? Are you worried about something with your eyes? Do you have someone in your family with glaucoma, with macular degeneration, that you need your eyes checked, or are you just wanting a glasses prescription? Jenks Eye Doctor You don’t care if you go blind down the road. I don’t know about you, but it just doesn’t make much sense to not worry about the eyes. When we’ve had giant studies that looked at people’s equal fears, we found that the numbers cannot equal and people are asked to vote. Do they fear death more going blind? It’S about a 50-50 vote, people fearing death and going blind. So why would you go to a doctor or a type of Clinic that is owned by a giant Corporation or business that all they do is say, glasses are all they do is sell tires, so coffee sell DVDs over these big box stores like Walmart, are trying To just get you in the doors they can sell, you a million other things, we’ve all seen how that plays out when people when we go to Walmart, we have one thing on our list. We come out with v. Medical care is about patient care, improving the quality of life. That’S what needs to be focused on even giant medical clinics, maintain that Focus they give the doctors to freedom to do what they need to take care of the patient, because they know if they’re patients are happy, then everything is going to go well, if they’re patients Are healthy, everything’s going to go well? What do you think stores like Costco and Walmart think about when their customers come in,

to buy dog food and their enticing to get the whole family and for an eye exam and guess what those stores are probably going to? Actually have a longer wait time because they’re going to sell you cheap pair of glasses in an hour and they’re, going to take the flowers that you’re walking around the store buying as many things as possible. So it’s a quick summary. The five mistakes people make when choosing an eye doctor, they look for one with ours when they’re not at work. They look for the one that gets them in and out. The quickest people look for the one on their insurance plan. People look for the one. That is cheapest for the one that is in the Big Box store what people should be looking at as they should be talking to friends and family. They should be looking Google reviews, they should be talking to people, they know at their church at their kids soccer Little League games. There are people out there that have been to Great medical facilities, whether that’s an eye doctor, a primary care and those are the type of ways we should determine on where we go for a jinx eye doctor or any other type of doctor. Remember at Insight. Eye care is your Jinx eye doctor if you experience any problems with your eyes reach out to us, our mission is to improve every life every encounter. That means we want all of our patients to have healthy compromise with the best Vision possible to view and enjoy your life when you think you need a jinx eye doctor come to us since that I care or welcoming staff state-of-the-art facility, Advanced Equipment, the eyeglasses Boutique In the thousands of contacts we keep in stock, it’s all there to meet your needs as patient. As your Jinx I docked. Remember. We treat all types of common diseases, Jenks Eye Doctor things like nearsightedness, macular degeneration, diabetes, cataracts, glaucoma, farsightedness, allergies, dry eyes. We want to help you out. We went to improve your life at Insight, eye care, God bless, everybody have a great day.

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