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Welcome to Eye Care in science with dr. Kyle Tate, your Jinx eye doctor today we’re in our series about 5 mistakes. People make when visiting an eye doctor it’s up today is a funnel subject. I’M hopefully it’s very knowledgeable for everybody and if it hits home, remember, is your Jinx eye doctor reach out to us Insight Eye Care. We treat patients of all ages, newborn babies to great-grandparents. We offer everything from basic eye exams, contact lens exams of all different types and complexities. We treat eye injuries, pink eyes, dry eyes and many others. Insight Eye care is located one mile off of the Creek Turnpike Highway 75 and 121st Street near the Glenpool IHOP located in our Clinic is a large frame Gallery with over a thousand eyeglasses to meet all I care once needs. We partner send the most amazing Labs throughout the country trying to bring you the absolute best lenses possible, one that lasts longer ones that help you see clear, hard team Insight. Eyecare were here to be your Jinx eye doctor to help me all of your eye. Care and eyewear needs, Jenks Eye Doctor so the 5 mistakes people make when choosing an eye doctor, I’m going to run through these pretty quick today. Hopefully, Jenks Eye Doctor these are anything that you guys have experience or thought your own mind, but it’s important to know it’s number 5. They do not want to fill out your paperwork. Jenks Eye Doctor We get this many times a day. People come in and oh hey. Miss Jones is great to see you again, here’s some paperwork to see if anything’s changed people get frustrated about that. When we try to explain to him the point of that paperwork is actually to make their time or fishing or their trip more fishing. It does not make sense to have a highly trained technician or what you think of as a nurse sit there and ask 50 questions. Every single patient is not good for your time or good for ours. Just the verbal part of it takes too much time reading. It is much faster and then being able to check yes or no I’m so that’s there to actually help make your experience quicker and better. It’S also to prevent serious problems in the exams. Doctors need to know your medical history and things change. We understand that the funny thing is people will gripe about this, but then most people after they fill out that form and they meet with the technician or a nurse and they’re sitting there waiting to see the doctor. They realize a few other things on that form. That have changed that they did not realize from last year, and so then, when the doctor comes in and they will talk about oh yeah, I had dog, there is also a dancer. There is also that it’s a lot can change in a year.

That form is also there for some serious things like knowing what medications you’re on a lots of medications can affect the eyes and the eyes are extremely sensitive, different medications. They can dry them out, they can cause glaucoma, they can cause blindness. We need to know what’s wrong with you what’s wrong with your body, what medications you’re on? What’S going on with your eyes, hear it inside I cured your Jinx eye doctor to improve your life. We add additional information trying to make your experience even better and help make your life better, so I was number 5 number for they want in and out as quick as possible. So people make the mistake of thinking that getting in and out of the doctor, quick is a good thing. What is to point you don’t need to be there for 3 hours, usually, but there’s a lot of clinics these days that are trying to get people in and out in 10 to 15 minutes, and that’s just not good care. That’S not allowing time to find out what the actual eye problems are more medical problems and be able to address them and answer all questions. It’S unexcusable to ever go to a doctor and then not give you time for questions now. If you’re like me, you’ll hit the car weaving think of something important, you meant to say or ask, but if you’re not allowed any time for those questions, you’re not going to be able to get your exam as healthy as well as possible. You’Re not going to get the best treatment for you, and so there’s actually a lot of people out there that come to his thinking, it’s normal to not have time with the doctor for questions and answers. Number three. The number third mistake that people make is they do not want any testing in West, including their exam eye exams. As far as Vision, Jenks Eye Doctor plans cover are for very basic exams, believe it or not, your doctor wants you to be as healthy as possible and will actually invest in a 50 or ,000 into a piece of equipment to help check the health of your eyes and then Only charge you 25 30 to use that machine that money helps cover the Time of the Doctor going through at the time of the technician doing the test, and when you think that all the time goes into it, there’s actually a little left over to pay off. That machine, what do I make money from it? Jenks Eye Doctor So a lot of these things, doctors are doing actually to help you without making any money for themselves, and if you would doctor that wants to check into something a little more that could prevent you from going. Why? Let them do it as your Jinx eye doctor were telling you whether that’s a photo is skiing or anything else. Your eye doctor or any other type of doctor recommends, do it it’s only a few dollars and if they think that it’s best would you pay to keep from going blind? Can we meet say apple? Jenks Eye Doctor I don’t have right now, but think about where you could be in 10 years. If you go blind, do you wish? 10 years ago someone has said hey if you just spent that we would have been able to prevent this? That’S the name of the game in the medical care these days, we’re trying to prevent problems, cuz, that’s way better than fixing them and some problems don’t have available fixes, especially and I cure glaucoma. We cannot fix it, macular degeneration, we cannot fix it. Those are only things we can help prevent. Prevention is the key number to mistake that people make when visiting an eye doctor. They want a walk-in appointment, stead of scheduling, appointment, believe it or not. It takes preparation for the staff to get you ready to see the doctor. Stat has to look at insurance. They have to have proper staff available to keep a smooth Clinic flow if it takes a walk in general eye exam during a full day, they will make every patient the rest of the day. Wait.

It’S just how it works. There’S only so many minutes. In a day, doctors and staff only have so much time schedules keep Medical Care cheaper. That’S one of the reasons that he ours are so expensive is because they have to keep so much staff around to check so many things, because they don’t know who’s walking in at what time. For what reason, so you will get in and out of your exam quicker and get a better, more thorough and high-quality exam. If you will schedule an appointment, very important schedule appointment, I know it’s different change. I know that urgent cares in different cattle call clinics and things like that, especially the big box stores, are getting us to think that way, but that’s not truly what’s best for you and instead I care as your Jinx eye doctor. Jenks Eye Doctor That’S what we want we want. What’S best for you, we want to improve your life now the number one problem that mistake that people make when visiting eye doctors actually a little surprising. The number one mistake is that people assume the problems they have cannot be fixed. I can’t tell you how many times in a day that I see the problem with someone and when I asked him about it, they said we yeah, but I didn’t think that was something that you could fix. I didn’t think that was something that had to be treated. I didn’t think that was worth your time. Talk we’re here to improve your lives, Believe It or Not. Doctors want to help patients. Jenks Eye Doctor I know that’s a shocking comes that we want to make you better we’re. Not here to gripe at you to stop your bad habits were not here to gripe at you just saying oh lose weight. Do this! Do that we’re here to make your quality life better? If a doctor can’t do that, whether that’s prolonged in your life, making you see better, making your joint pain go away whatever it. Maybe the doctor can’t do that. We are failing at what we’re trying to do for you if treating cancer does not improve your life. In the long run than white, read it if treating diabetes doesn’t improve your life, then why I treat it if treating dry eyes doesn’t improve your life? Why treated as your Jinx eye doctor, I’m here to tell you a good eye doctor, will ask questions and paperwork in person to help screen for problems it can be fixed. We will take the time to discuss with you. If you mention my eyes are burning. We will figure out why and figure out how to fix it. You mention your Visions, fluctuating that your eyes hurt that you’re seeing spots. We want to look into that and we want to get that fixed for you. So review is your chinks eye doctor the five mistakes people make when visiting an eye doctor number 5.

They do not want to fill out the yearly paperwork number for they want in and out as quick as possible. Number 3 do not want any testing. That is not included in their exam copay number to they want to walk instead of schedule, an appointment in a number one problem that people make when visiting eye doctors that they assume they have problems that cannot be fixed. So, as your Jinx eye doctor, I want you to remember that you know if you’re experiencing these things, trying just remember this info. Try and just let it go little bit. We want to improve your life every time we see you every encounter. That means we want all of our patients to have healthy eyes healthy lives in the best Vision possible. So you can enjoy all the different beauties that you see. Jenks Eye Doctor If you think you need a jinx eye doctor give us a call at Insight. Eye care we’ve got an amazing group here that are trained to take care of you with state-of-the-art facility. Up-To-Date equipment, high technology in our glasses or contacts are exams. We have an amazing glasses Boutique. Everything we have we’ve designed to meet your needs is a patient. As your Jinx eye doctor member, we treat all types of disease from very basic, simple eye exams on kids, adults, grandparents, two things more complex, like macular, glaucoma, diabetes, blood pressure, sleep, apnea, dry, eyes, allergies, getting things stuck in the eyes, all those different types of things. We’Re here to help you out, we want you to bring us your red gritty. Sandy ice weaken, improve your life, God bless, everybody have a great day.

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