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Kyle Tate titled When should I get my eyes checked. Welcome to eyecare inside with Dr. Kyle take your Jenks eye doctor. Today we are answering a very common question that I as a Jenks eye doctor get when should I get my eyes checked or when should I get my eye exam. A lot of patients if they’re talking about their kids it’s how old I first get my kids eyes checked my kid’s eyes examined. And so we’re talking about this today if any of this stuff comes up and you’re like wow I fall into that category. My family and my kids fall into that category and need an eye exam. Reach out to us and say I care is your Jenks eye doctor. We treat patients of all ages. We do kids eye exams baby eye exams adult eye exams everything in between. We do everything from basic health checks on the eyes contact lens fittings of all complexities and we treat eye injuries pain guy dry eyes red eyes many many more insight inside care is located one miles south of the creek turnpike at Highway 75 near the glen pool Simple Simons located within our clinic is a large optical boutique with over a thousand frames to me all eyeglasses wants and needs inside I care we team with some of the best lamps in the country. So when you get your glasses through as you have the best vision possible and the longest lasting most durable glasses lenses. Our team inside care wants to be your genes doctor for all your eye care and eyewear needs. So the question we’re talking about today is.

When people ask when should I get my eyes checked or how old to my kids get their eyes checked. So we’re going to start just from the beginning of life babies when they’re born and they actually get a quick health check of the eyes by the pediatrician. So babies born within the first few hours and pediatrician does a full body physical with them checks them over for all sorts of different problems. And what they’re doing is they’re looking for infection signs on the eyes and really large problems that would not let them develop.
They’re watching for cataracts which are more common than you would think in babies. Cataracts are actually more common in babies than they are in children. And then there’s a fairly common type of cancer that’s in almost 1 percent of the population called a retinoblastoma which can be very serious to life threatening if they don’t catch it and take care of it soon. And so those are the things that a newborn within the first few hours of life gets a newborn eye exam baby exams we like to see them between eight and nine months.

Well we’re a Jenks eye doctor and we are watching for there is to make sure that the eyes are starting to function together. There’s actually an amazing way we can check vision even though they obviously can’t read a chart and read letters or numbers for us but we can know how well they’re seeing. We can also get a measurement of their prescription and we dilate and check the health of the eyes. When should I Get a Eye Exam
Now not many people know that babies need eye exams and so a national campaign was started in 2014 I believe maybe 2012 where called infancy where infancy came from was doctors got together and wanted to just start doing free exams trying to get these babies in vision develops through the first few years of life. So baby exams are very important to make sure as a kid when they have their kid eye exam that the building blocks have been functioning and working to help development you can imagine having a two or three year old that can’t see they can’t verbalize and tell you that they need to get their eyes checked. So we have to take care of these little babies so eye doctors got together and decided to do that for free. And so the next time we see we have a healthy newborn exam the of the infant baby exam we see them again at age 3 at age 3. The eyes are working. It’s normal for the kid to be just a tiny bit farsighted that won’t affect their vision that’s actually where we want them to be for development there should be no eye turns that I should have equal vision side to side and then we’ll do another child eye exam at age 5 and every two years after that. So it’s common for parents not really understand well why do I bring my kids in they see great this year. Shouldn’t I just wait until a Jenks eye doctor says there’s a problem. Well that’s kind of like going to the doctor and never going taking your kid to the Jenks eye doctor until there’s a problem.

We’re never going to the dentist until there’s tooth pain. You know we go to dentist to maintain the teeth. We go to the doctor to get vaccines make sure everything’s developing check for problems. You go to the eye doctor to make sure the eyes are developing and check for problems. It shocks patients how many times that we find problems that kids they never knew about. Most kids don’t know to complain. They’re bored in their vision just get so blurry. And kids just don’t ever have that thought well I should be able to see that sign I should be able to read that or see those leaves on the tree. I should be able to have comfortable vision. And so we find things in kids all the time both in vision but then also the health of the eye. Most of the problems that occur with the health of the eye are actually preventable or can be improved if you find it early enough. Lots of things like glaucoma macular degeneration can actually be slowed down or even stopped with the right intervention. But most problems with the eyes will not be found until it’s too late. And so is your Jenks doctor who is getting that routine care. We want to come see us inside like here so we can help out in there. So we’re continuing getting eye exams.
As a child getting eye exams as a teenager getting eye exams and a young adult every other year unless there’s a problem with the systemic health meaning there’s something that could affect the eyes and we need to watch more often like yearly or if there are any vision concerns or concerns we’ll watch patients once a year or maybe twice a year if there’s problems like allergies allergy eye exams. We will do every three to four months in dry eye exams. We will do every three months. So is your Jenks eye doctor we do many different types of exams weekend help tailor a plan to make sure that you minimize any risks with the eyes as best possible. As we age we get towards that wonderful 40 year old Mark that’s when the American Medical Association has said get your eyes checked more often so as an adult eye exam will make that a little more frequent because your risks become higher for things as you age. In the last podcast we referenced you know in that middle age from 18 to 50 diabetes is the main cause of vision loss. But there’s many other things that affect that. What’s much more common that doesn’t cause vision loss most of the time. Dry eyes. We know the eyes get drier over time and we know the eyes get more irritated over time as your Jenks eye doctor. Those are all things that we can help stop and make sure that it doesn’t get worse and affect your life. So above age 40 we’re seeing patients every year or more often. You know we’re checking the pressure they are making sure there’s no glaucoma and making sure there’s not changes. And that’s where the value these days with having electronic records and having a good doctor that is not just writing glasses prescriptions sending you out the door but is actually taking good care of you. Over time can find those small changes. When should I Get a Eye Exam
We’ve got amazing new technology that can help out. So you eye exams after 40 until. Your life is coming to an end. That was going to be the best thing. We get a lot of hesitation. So say someone is bringing their parents in in the ring. Eighty five plus year old they’re like why do we need the eyes exam. They can see and their life the short will they can see but how bad would it be if you are towards the end of your life and all of a sudden there is a problem that would have been prevented. When you don’t have function to get out and about and you’re just relying on sitting there watching TV reading books. Vision is very very important all the way through life so your eye doctor can help maximize that for you. So you know any time that you hear someone say. When should I get my eyes checked. Think of us as your Jinx eye doctor at inside I care we do child eye exams kids eye exams adult eye exam baby eye exams. We’re here to meet your needs. Remember our mission is to improve every life at every encounter. We want the best for all of our patients. We’re here to help out. We’ve got amazing different tools and things available for glasses that we can bless your life. We’ve got an amazing staff that has designed a state of the art facility. We always keep the most advanced equipment eyeglasses boutique. Thousands of different contacts and storage. It’s all here to meet your needs as a patient. It’s your genes.

Jenks eye doctor remember we treat all different types of diseases. Simple things like nearsightedness farsightedness astigmatism cataracts more complicated things like glaucoma and dry eyes eye allergies for material removal. Give us a call schedule your eyes and make sure your family gets their eye exams as your Jenks eye doctor. We want to be able to bless you and help you out. God bless everybody. Have a great day.

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