Eye Cataracts | Lens Options from a Jenks Eye Doctor

Eye Cataracts | Lens Options

Welcome to Korean science with Dr. Kyle. Hey your Jenks eye doctor today we are in our series about cataracts. If you feel like your vision is slowly changing your above age 50 or you feel like your new glasses do not help as well as you think they should. You may have cataracts. You should be looking for a edgings eye doctor. Reach out to us. Inside I care we treat patients of all ages. We do kids eye exams baby eye exams senior citizens eye exams everything in between. We offer everything from basic eye exams contact lens exams treating eye injuries diabetes exams we can treat different diseases like pink eyes cataracts glaucoma dry eye macular degeneration many other different ones inside. Here is located one mile south of the creek turnpike at Highway 75 and 177 near the gloom pool. I hope located in or clinic is a large optical boutique with over a thousand frames. We are the Jenks eye doctor professionals that can meet the needs of pretty much any. We work hard to find the finest labs to give you the best vision possible out of your glasses. Our team and said I care wants to be working side doctor for all your eye care and eyewear needs. So today we’re in part three talking about different Lind’s options. When they do cataract surgery they’re taking the lens at the time we’re replacing it with a new lens and that’s our focus today. Remember though what a cataract is a clouding of the natural lens that gives you reading focus. It’s most commonly in patients above age 50 the average age of 65 and less. Eye Cataracts from an Jenks eye doctor that has never been easier

There’s something else going on like that got a certain medication or different types of disease that can cause that cataracts can cause three most common symptoms one is just generally blurry vision that glasses won’t help. That can be slow over time can also cause really bad cooler at night especially up headlights when a car is coming at you. What we do to fix this is cataract surgery. That’s an outpatient procedure. There’s no shot stitches or bleeding typically involved. The patients put mildly to sleep and just relax the eyes numbed up with drops and dilated with drops. The surgeon takes the cloudy cataract Glyn’s out of the eye after they broke it into many many pieces and that into lives goes back in its place and the surgeon cleans everything up and the wound from his incision seals on its own. So the important thing to remember during this discussion is Olin’s goes back in the eyes. We don’t know. What lens that is without the proper testing. So when we’re looking at someone for cataract surgery we take a few special measurements to help calculate what lens goes back in there. Now the standard lens that’s covered by insurance like Blue Cross or like Medicare that lens gives good distance vision but the patient has to wear glasses to see things like the computer for reading up close. But that assumes the patient doesn’t have any astigmatism which is one of the things we rule out at the evaluation. Remember astigmatism is just a type of blur in it. In this case it’s from different surfaces the eye not being perfectly round. Eye Cataracts
And if you do have astigmatism the surgeon will try and orient their surgery to help reduce that. But some patients it’s better to have a put in to help with that. So some patients will pay out-of-pocket to get a toric or astigmatism fixing lens to be put in used that way they can have clear vision and distance without any glasses and they just need reading glasses for up close. And so. What we have now is a lot of research going on trying to see if patients can pay a little extra out-of-pocket and get freedom from glasses which will save them money in the long run from not having to buy as many prescription glasses. The real exciting is in the ones that can help far away and up close vision. There’s two main categories there’s ones that are focus and ones are called multi-focal and that’s what we’re going to spend most of our time today on the focus of old ones not just their position when the muscle of the eye can track. So when you’re young before your cataract you look at something up close the signal goes for a muscle in the contract that changes the shape and position of the lens in the eye. Well we’ve designed replacement lenses called aisles to help with that. The most common one is called the crystal lens. It does really good letting people see that a tablet or a computer distance C-grade to drive that can be also with astigmatism correction or without. And then they may have to wear readers for some of the smaller tasks stuff and dividing stuff that’s not printed really well and all these different options.

Remember as you were Jenks eye doctor these are things we’re here to help lead you to. And if you need a Jenks eye doctor come see us. Truth be told if I was having cataract surgery this is the lens I would choose today versus the multi-focal. So the multi-focal there’s a couple different brands they all work a little bit the same. They all use different ranges of different focus and use that to give different visions. So these lenses can see really good up very close and far away and then just so so in between. And so these are for patients who just sit and read books all the time. A little more than the crystal lens. The difference between the two is something that your high doctor should help you with as your Jenks eye doctor. It’s one of the many services that we offer in our eye exams. We really have to start asking questions know what you’re going to be using your vision for to help recommend which lens is going to be best for you or which lens type and how much freedom we want. You know if someone says I don’t want to touch glasses I want the best I can get without having to touch glasses will probably go toward the multi-focal. If someone says you know I don’t mind them for the small stuff. If I could do my computer and see my phone in the dash the car or do any activities with my hands that be great. That’s what the crystal lens does a little bit better for them. So these are wonderful technologies that we’re really thankful to have. Eye Cataracts

Another option that’s not exactly about the lens itself but after that lens is put in the eye. We can now do injections of different medication to help the convenience after cataract surgery. What I mean by that is we have now what we can call drop was cataract surgery. So the antibiotic that’s put in to protect the eye and the steroid to help you heal properly instead of using those drops for an entire month after cataract surgery. The surgeon can do an injection and as long as that’s a sterile well prepared injection that they did. Eye Cataracts

It makes a patient have a safe outcome where they don’t have to use any type of drops which is a wonderful thing. Truth be told You can even save money. There’s a lot of absences we’re paying out of pocket. The trouble is is going to be cheaper than paying for the actual eye drops. So is your doctor you know we want you understand we want you to know about these lenses that are available if you think you have cataracts. Reach out to us at INSIDE like here. Our mission is to improve every life at every encounter. Helping you decide what’s going to be the best technology is part of that mission. That means we want all of our patients that healthy eyes come for all eyes and have the best vision possible whether that’s after cataract surgery or as a child. When you think you need an aging side doctor keep in sight care in mind. We’ve got a very welcoming staff an amazing state of the art facility and exam equipment. Our eyeglasses as a Jenks eye doctor. Gallery has thousands of options and we have a large number of contacts available as well. We’ve designed everything it’s that I care to meet your needs as a patient as your Jenks doctor remember we treat all types of disease things like diabetes blood pressure issues glaucoma macular degeneration injuries to the eyes dry eyes bring your cataracts. Let us help you walk through that process so we can improve your life. God bless. Have a great day. Eye Cataracts

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