Glenpool Eye Doctor – Why do I need two pairs of glasses?

Glenpool Eye Doctor - Why do I need two pairs of glasses?

Did you know that one pair of glasses do not meet every need? Your life can be better when you tell your Glenpool Eye doctor that you have two pairs of glasses. We get it that two pairs of glasses are not the normal thing. First, we need to discover where it came from this idea of just one pair of glasses. Vision Plans Like VSP (Vision Service Plan) and Eyemed give you “discounts” for cheap pairs of glasses. Where do these discounts come from? You, your employer, and Glenpool Eye doctor are all agreeing to pay for the vision plan to get you certain deals on cheap glasses. More on this later but hint these plans cost you more in the long run in money and frustration. In order to save more money for the discount plan they only allow benefits to be used once, hence the programming of I can only get one pair of glasses. When your eyes are open to how much better your Glenpool Eye Doctor experience is without vision plans you will understand more of how two pairs of glasses make life better. Here are some examples.
Have you ever thought at the end of the day how tired your eyes feel after being at the computer all day? Is it sometimes difficult to find the “sweet spot” in your progressive lenses? The second pair of computer lenses can make the world of difference. Having computer glasses will allow the prescription in those glasses to be set at one distance, therefore allowing your eyes the ability to relax while they are using them. Blue light is also admitted from the computer screen which is known to cause eye strain, fatigue, tired eyes, and headaches. A blue light treatment may be added to the computer glasses to protect your eyes from that blue light making your symptoms go away. The computer pair of glasses may also be left at your workstation so you will always have them when you arrive at work! Some people are hesitant to have two pairs of glasses, but as soon as they get them they always ask, “why didn’t I do this sooner?!”
Do you ever put sunglasses over your regular glasses when driving? Have you ever been out by the pool, on the lake, or at the beach squinting in your glasses because the sun is so bright? Prescription sunglasses are a game changer! Prescription sunglasses are very dark and can be put into most frames. They are life-changing for those individuals who golf, work outside, enjoy relaxing in the sun, and those who drive frequently. If you have ever considered getting a prescription pair of sunglasses, they will absolutely be worth it!
Progressive wearers, have you ever laid in bed at night trying to deal with seeing the tv with blurry vision through the reading part of your glasses. Life can be better with a pair of distance-only glasses for things like driving, sports, running, cycling, working outside, trips, lake days, and many others. Consider this pair in a photochromic lens so the bright day does not affect you. If any of these options sound interesting, please reach out to us at Insight Eyecare your Glenpool Eye doctor. We would love the opportunity to meet with you, identify your needs so you can feel more confident in your eye care!
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