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Jenks Eye Doctor | No One Better

Insight Eyecare podcast number 18 keratoconus introduction, spelled keratoconus begin podcast welcome to Eye Care, insides, I’m dr. Kyle, Tate, your Jinx eye doctor today we’re in new series about keratoconus the last time we talked about medically necessary contacts. Those are contact lenses that are very, very specially made and custom fit for the eyes to help patients who cannot see clearly with glasses or contacts now. This is only the type of contact is only beneficial for people who have diseases of the cornea, which is the front of the eyeand. That’S we’re going to talk about today is the most common disease of the cornea. That needs medically necessary contacts called keratoconus, and so will get a little more detail into that today and will also review which of the types of contacts are going to be best for keratoconus. So any of the things we talked about today, if you feel like those sound like symptoms or problems, you’ve had or if you know a friend, have them reach out to us as at Insight Eye Care. As your Jinx eye doctor, we treat patients of all ages. We do eye exams on the elderly, we do adult eye exams, Jenks Eye Doctor kid’s, eye exams, children, eye exams, even newborn eye exams. We treat patients of all ages. We also treat all types of different eye disease, everything from basic nearsighted and farsighted as we treat dry eye pink eye, glaucoma Cataract and many others. Insight Eyecare is conveniently located a mile south of the Creek Turnpike and Highway 75 across from the Glenpool, Simple Simon’s Insider Clinic. We sell and make eyeglasses we have over a thousand frames and Eyeglasses Gallery, so we can meet once and needs of any age group. We partner with the finest frame manufacturers to give the highest quality pair of eyeglasses possible our team Insight. Eyecare wants to be your Jinx eye doctor for everything you need for your eyes. So let’s talk a little bit more about keratoconus. It’S a disease, the cornea and remember what the cornea is. It’S the clear front, part of the eye that sits in front of the colored iris. The corneas job is to protect from infections, but mainly it gives 2/3 the focus. So it when you see something clearly, two-thirds of that Clarity comes from the cornea. Keratoconus is a disease who is genetic. Jenks Eye Doctor We know some of the genetics with it, but it’s not fully mapped out yet, but we know that it is genetic, it’s more prone in men, its most prone to being found in their twenties, give or take ten years to anywhere from a teenager have to someone 35 is usually when will first find keratoconus in the way it starts is the patient will have higher stigmatism year after years, their glasses prescription will just get a little more astigmatism every year and they go to the eye doctor. Eventually, it gets to a point where astigmatism causes blurred, that is uncorrected, meaning they can’t see 20/20 with glasses. Some soft contacts can help with this,

but it won’t provide that Crystal Clear Vision. Essentially, the clear cornea gets distorted, and so, if you can imagine taking a car window and getting really hot where it was pliable and then pushing the center of it forward, that’s going to twist and distort what you see and that’s what a patient with keratoconus sees. But sometimes people don’t know this is, can actually be a problem and they, if the doctor, won’t find it and help treat it. They won’t know what to do about a sweet patients. All the time that have glasses that are three six month old are not seeing. Well, release all well and now it’s changed and that one another opinion and we find keratoconus. So it’s a genetic disease of the cornea. Why people get it just from genetics? We do know that rubbing the eyes can make it worse, and so were always warning when we have kids and for eye exams are rubbing the eyes as a bad thing says. Your cheeks eye doctor we’re looking at all ages. Thinking about things like that, and we have a little patient in there, that has some general allergies and we see him rubbing the eyes. Jenks Eye Doctor Just digging that knuckle and going to town we know is his Jinx eye doctor urgings eye doctor. That could be a problem, and so will talk to the parents and usually – and I rubbing will prescribe an allergy drop. Hitching is the most common cause of eye rubbing security. Conus can be your condition blinding. So the different types of treatments for keratoconus kind of help understand the different severity, Jenks Eye Doctor a very basic keratoconus. You can actually have good, Clear Vision and we may just need glasses in the patient sees 2025 and it’s not worth doing some medically necessary contacts. Sometimes we can use a soft contact too kind of cover-up, the irregularity on the cornea from the keratoconus. What happens,

though, before we get into all the treatments in our next podcast? The cornea usually gets thin, so the eye has pressure inside there’s fluid made inside the eye. That fluid is what causes glaucoma damage. The fluid inside will always put some pressure on the corny in that safe and healthy and tell the cornea is not as strong as it needs to be, and so the pressure inside will push on the week is part and cause it to point out. You can actually Google images for keratoconus and find severe cases where you can visually see the point in the center poking out versus nice round cornea. So to get these patients sing better, we need to get a nice round corny again, Jenks Eye Doctor that is done either with a contact lens with a hard front surface or it is performed in a surgery. Now we do have some newer surgeries were going to talk about the next podcast, but there are some other variants of keratoconus that we will see and you can be just a single point that point can be in the center of the cornea. The keratoconus Point can be above the center keratoconus Point can be below the center at the Hult. I can be care to Globus, that’s a very rare condition, Jenks Eye Doctor but it does happen and then there’s some other conditions that may look like keratoconus until you have very expensive tests, so it in sight Eye Care. Is your Jinx eye doctor won’t commonly refer these patients, for the most advanced test we can do towards is called a pinta cam. We have places nearby that will do these for us and they’re, actually, usually in Lasik centers cuz. These types of tests are used in calculating Lasik numbers, but a pentacam will. Let us know if it is keratoconus verse, another type, Jenks Eye Doctor another test that can be done. It’S more basic is called a departure fee. So if you remember back in school, when you were in geography, they would look at topography or elevation map, so is show mountains valleys things like that. We can do that for the surface of the eye. That also lets us know what type of contact may be necessary to help give Clear Vision. So the goal and keratoconus is we’re wanting to get the patients function better.

We want them to see clear, so they can function normally in life. The other goal is long-term to prevent scarring. We know this condition if it continues to advance, it will cause scarring. Now that’s where the contact lens comes in place, because the contact lens, if it’s fit property of medically necessary contact lens, will be able to keep the cornea from progressing more than it needs to. Jenks Eye Doctor So once you to remember, is your Jinx eye doctor. If you know anyone with keratoconus or you have astigmatism is getting worse and worse, come see, as we’ve got some amazing treatments which we’re going to talk about in the next podcast. But we want to be your jeans eye doctor. We would improve your life every encounter. That means we want every patient that comes through to have Clear Vision and healthy eyes for all their life. When you think you need a Chainsaw Doctor reach out to us an Insight. Eyecare we’ve got a very welcoming staff. We working a state-of-the-art brand new facility with the most Advanced Eye Care Equipment or eyeglass Gallery are thousands of contact lenses. We’Ve designed everything with the practice to meet your needs. Keratoconus is not a condition that you should suffer for as your Jinx iDoctor were here to help out. We manage diseases and insight Eyecare of all different types from nearsightedness astigmatism glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, dry, eyes, eye procedures, bring us your blurry irritated eyes. So we can help improve your life. God bless. Everybody have a great day.

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