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Eyecare keratoconus treatments, keratoconus is spelled keratoconus begin, podcast, welcome to Eye Care and Sciences, dr. Kyle, Tate. You were Jenks eye doctor today we’re in our series about keratoconus and specifically we’re going to talk about keratoconus treatment as your Jinx eye doctor. Remember. If you’re having any type of feelings, where you’re getting new glasses, you know you have a lot of astigmatism, that’s been getting worse and your Visions, just not as good as it used to be in, seems like no one can get your glasses right. Come see. His Insight, Eyecare, you could have some signs of keratoconus in as your drinks eye doctor were trained and here to take care of you on things like that. Remember we treat patients of all ages. Jenks Eye Doctor We see kids for eye exams, little babies for eye exams, children, eye exams. We do adult eye exams, we do grandparent senior citizen eye exams. We offer everything from your basic eye. Exam disease, exams contact lens fits of all types. We do eye exams for injuries pink eye, dry eyes, red eyes. Many many more insight Eye care is conveniently located south of Highway 75 near the Glenpool. Simple Simon’s inside our Clinic is a large Optical Boutique, with over a thousand frames to meet all eyeglasses, wants and needs Insight, Eye care partners with some of the best frame and lab companies to give you the highest quality glasses possible. Our team Insight Eye care, wants to be your Jinx eye doctor for all your eye care in our needs to podcasts to go. We talked about medically necessary contacts. The last one we talked about what is keratoconus,
because that’s the most common condition needing medically necessary contacts. Keratoconus is a disease that really affects people’s quality of life until they’re able to get these contacts. Thankfully, modern science has given us contacts that give them clear, comfortable Vision, but those patients still are suffering quite a bit. So if you know anyone that has keratoconus send them to us, as you were Jenks eye doctor, we want to help out. We stay on the Forefront of the most newest latest and greatest Technologies in I care to be able to treat things like keratoconus. So, let’s talk specifically now about the different types of treatments. There’S two big branches were either going to treat these patients with a medically necessary contact and we’re going to talk about the details of different type in the ones. If I recommend we’re also going to talk about the surgery, that’s the second branch of what’s going on so starting with the contacts remember, these are not your basic contacts. These are not ones that Vision plans cover the simple fit at the doctor, Jenks Eye Doctor just slap some on the eye and you walk away with medically necessary contacts, have to be custom-fit to specifically cater to the health of the eye. If you think about it, we’ve got an eye that is already not as healthy as it should be and we’re putting especially type of contact – that’s usually not soft. So the only soft contacts that traditionally we using this was called a hybrid. The most hybrid was called a synergize, that’s synergeyes. Synergize contacts are very comfortable contact that got a hard center with a soft outer, so the hard Center does what it needs to and giving a smooth surface to focus the eyes and covering up the twisted and distorted diseased cornea so that the patient can have a Sharp clear image, hybrid contacts, especially synergize, or not just used in disease, also used in patients who want absolute as sharp and Clear Vision as possible. These are much more expensive contact,

they’re very hard to manufacture and they do last for 6 months on each pair. So these contacts need replaced after they’ve been open for 6 months usual cost for a year. Supply of these can be quite expensive. It can be close to ,000 for your two pairs for the year because of the level manufacturing matching up the hard and the soft contact. Now. Jenks Eye Doctor A lot of people would think that the hard in the soft contact in the hybrid synergize lens will come apart, but they’re actually bonded together with heat, and so is your Jinx eye doctor. These are contacts we use, although they’re not my favorite for keratoconus. Traditionally, the lens that was actually around for a long period was called in our GP in this is standing for rigid gas permeable at Insight. Eyecare your Jinx eye, doctor Wii, Fit rgp lenses as well, for patient. Just have had him for a long time and prefer the Christmas of vision. Rgp’S do provide very good vision and in multifocal contacts that actually provide the best Vision possible compared to a soft lens. These lenses are much more economical. There’S tons of Manufacturers they’re pretty easy to fit, but the comfort of rigid gas permeable or are GP contacts is about the worst of any contact out there. This is the contact that you hear people all of sudden like when it’s over in pain, because the wind is blowing something in there. Jenks Eye Doctor I the contact, then basically can grind it in the cornea and cause a little scrape on there, and so these contacts are good and they have their place, but they’re, not without maintenance and not without some some pains involved by far our number one treatment for keratoconus Are number one medically necessary contact? We prescribe for all different types of eye. Diseases is called a scleral contact,
lens or symbol, technically called at semi scleral contact lens. What this is. This is a hard contact lens that that is not touching the corny at all. So this scleral contact lens it rests on the less sensitive white part of the eye, making comfort for the patient, greatly increased. These contacts have been around for ages, they’re. Actually, the first have a contact hundreds of years ago, when people made him out of glass, they made the sclera contacts, will now they’re, obviously not made of glass. We’Ve got amazing. Breathable Palmer’s would feel like a plastic, and these aren’t just incredibly comfortable contacts. They are almost probably 90 to 95 % as comfortable as a soft contact lens, and so patients, like these contacts, they do take a little more knowledge and energy to fit, especially the more disease corneas can cause more problems there mail these contacts with the way we Will fit them is usually will have one multi. Our visit we’re putting contacts on the eye, checking the fit putting a different one. Jenks Eye Doctor So we have what we called trials said. Please come from where to talk a lot more detail about scleral contacts in the future. We’Re going to walk you through exactly what a fitting process in the follow-ups look like, but now we need to spend a little time talking about the different procedures for keratoconus, my least favorite, but thankful.

That’S an option is a corneal replacement, so when the cornea is so bad that we can’t fit it with a contact lens, we will do a corneal replacement procedure now having the cornea replaced or a corneal transplant is what medically we call. That is very delicate. We have to find matching donor tissue and that donor tissue that has to be cut at a known shape and when the surgeon goes in and cuts on the eye, the surgeon will have to cut the exact same shape. The new transplant cornea get sewn into place, and so there are stitches on the eyes on the surface of the eye and then those need monitor time because as a tissue heals up over the next month in the ears, it can cause a lot of astigmatism were Blur and so patients will commonly hear a corneal transplant and they will think that this is a fix all when really it’s a desperate last attempt – and it’s not without problems a lot of times patients once they have a corneal transplant, they’ll actually have more visits overtime To their doctors, make sure that the corneal transplant doesn’t get rejected, which can happen within days or even years later, the body can attack it. So, by far the most exciting thing we’ve had his new procedure called corneal cross-linking, we’re going to briefly run through that today. Corneal cross-linking is a procedure where there’s no cutting involved, Jenks Eye Doctor but a vitamin A base solution is put on the surface of the I allowed to soak in over 15 to 30 minute. And then a high-strength UV light is applied for 10 to 15 minutes. To that same I so what this does is it fixes the actual problem of the cornea and keratoconus so getting into the science of keratoconus. What happens is dead tissue called collagen is not as strong as it should be. The pressure inside the eye pushes forward and causes of Boeing area, so this corneal cross-linking procedure. What it does is. It strengthens the cornea and we’ll talk about in detail on one of the coming podcast, but for keratoconus treatment. I would have loved to have all my patients do this even the point we suspect keratoconus, because it can’t stop that progression, I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself, so I don’t want to spoil anything and have too much of a teaser. So remember: it’s your Jinx eye doctor work here to take care of your eye care and eyewear needs.
If you experience a b symptoms, reach out to us Insight Eye Care as your drinks eye doctor, our mission is to improve every life and every encounter. That means we want all of our patients to have healthy, comfortable eyes with the best Vision possible to enjoy their entire lives. We don’t want you to miss a single sunset or a beautiful picture of your kids or grandkids because of your eyes. Remember. I said Insight. Eyecare, we have an amazing staff, a brand new state-of-the-art facility in Advanced Equipment to help take care of all different types of eye disease or eyeglasses gallery has over thousand frames. We carry some of the most high quality, glasses frames and lenses. Jenks Eye Doctor We want you to have his good experience as possible. Remember we treat all different types of disease basic things like nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism, cataracts, dry eyes, macular degeneration glaucoma we remove metal from the eyes. We do many, many different things more than just checking. If your eyes are healthy or not, we want you to bring us your red eyes or gritty eyes your sandy eyes, so we can help improve your life. God bless. Everybody have a great day.

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