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Jenks Eye Doctor | Number One Option

Dr. Kyle, Tate, scleral contact lenses spelled scr. Excuse me spelled scleral begin podcast welcome to Eye Care in sides with dr. Kyle Tate. You were Jenks eye doctor. Today we are in our series about scleral contact lenses. All people hear the word square on the right. What is that a horizontal soft lens? Was it for it’s, not a type of contact lens, it’s known very well. So is your Jinx iDoctor we’re here to help you decide of this type of contact lenses best? For you remember at Insight. Eye care we treat patients of all ages. We do child eye exams, baby eye exams, senior eye exams, adult eye exams. We offer everything from basic eye exams treat eye injuries. We treat contact lens, Jenks Eye Doctor fits and problems all different types. We treat many common diseases like dry eyes, allergies, pink eyes, glaucoma and many many others remember Insight. Eye care is conveniently located one mile south of the Creek Turnpike at Highway 75 and 177 near the Glenpool Walmart inside our Clinic is located a large Optical Gallery with over a thousand frames, don’t meet everyone’s eyeglasses wants and needs we partner with the finest lab to give You the best Vision possible out of your glasses, powerteam Insight. Eyecare wants to be your Jinx eye doctor for all your eye, care and eyewear needs today. We’Re talking about scleral contact lenses. What is a scleral contact lens will squirrel contact lens? Is a large and firm contact lens, so the traditional type of firmer hard, rigid lenses are GPA, rigid gas, permeable lenses.
This is the one that you see in the movies where all the sudden, everyone stops, because someone lost the contest and they’re searching for it on the ground and they pop it back in the eye. That’S the rigid type of contact. All those ones were discussing day. They’Re the same firmness, but they are a much different size, they’re, actually, the biggest type of contact lens and they’re. The original type of contact lens created, scleral contact lenses, are used to treat different eye diseases like keratoconus in marginal degeneration of the cornea, and also things like scars from previous surgeries. Scleral contact lenses were actually the first type of contact lens ground and glass. Hundreds of years ago they were back, then obviously they were only able to be worn for a few minutes. It was more of a research thing than going getting contacts so who needs scleral contacts 12 patients that have severe dry eyes with damage on the surface. The eye that drops and gels will not help a squirrel contacts, a good option. Patients who have a disease called keratoconus pellucid marginal degeneration. Jenks Eye Doctor Those are some of the main reasons we use these around Tulsa we’ve had a lot of patients that have had a eye surgery to help get freedom from glasses, called RK radial keratotomy and RK patients also do really well and will explain that why, but, basically anyone That needs Omar patients, who have a sick corny of the cornea is the very front of the eye is the clear layer that focuses the image sitting right in front of the colored iris, and so, if you sounding like any of the stuff matches, you come see Us an Insight Eye Care as your jeans eye doctor, we’re here to help evaluate whether this type of technology is for you, the other reason of why people would want these lenses. Jenks Eye Doctor They give great vision because they’re creating a smooth front surface to help Focus the I getting rid of any problems on their disease cornea. This gets much better Vision. These contacts actually give some of the best Vision possible, and so what the contact does it actually does not touch the clear cornea that we’re talking about, in fact from were making sure the lens fit the.

I will work trying to attempt to make it clear everything and where it’s not touching the cornea or it’s actually resting on the white part of the eye, that’s called the conjunctival. The white part of the eye is soft and much less sensitive than the rest of it, and so that’s part of her fitting process. When we’ve talked to a patient and determined as their Jinx eye doctor, they need a squirrel contact lens. We will go in and help this fit process and determine that is best for them. So what is the fitting process with a fitting process? Is we put measurements in new formula and then we pick out what lens is going to be best for the eye, and we start with that lens. We put it on the I will you evaluate how it’s fitting will usually change it 2 to 3 times the first day and the first day, all we’re doing is getting the proper measurements to determine what lens is going to be best for that patient we’re blessed With some amazing technology Insight eye care where we can use that actually measure how to contact fits verse, the doctor evaluating and so will measure the contacts will evaluate once we get those first few sets where we think they’re going to fit. We will let the patient wear them for about 30 minutes and office. Jenks Eye Doctor It. Let’S see I started acting. More importantly, it lets the lens settle. These lenses are very large and they’re filled up with a solution, so they will settle over time. We want to make sure that they fit the I well once that settling has occurred. Jenks Eye Doctor It’S so 30 minutes is gone by. We bring the patient and we check for any change in the prescription. The contact that will make the patient see better. We also check that fit at the end, so fast. The fitting process will order. A set of actual lenses for the patient have them return once those lenses come in, we’ll put that pair on the eyes. Let them settle will check everything and it’s about 50-50 Worth weather that first pair we’re going to let them we’re home or not, and so the patient. When I get to the lens over to where home, though you should wear it for 3 or 4 days, then we will see them back for a cornea Health evaluation. These lenses can affect the cornea and we’re already sitting them on somebody with a sick cornea. Remember, that’s the clear front part of the eye, and so those patients need a little extra attention on usually will do an adjustment after first few days,

depending on, if the lens is fitting to close to type on the I-5 it’s pushing anywhere or if, after that, Adaptation there needs to be a prescription, change, will order another set of lenses and then we’ll give the patient a few weeks to wear that set will see. The patient back will check the surface, the I’m making sure everything does well. So these scleral contacts really a wonderful thing. They allow a lot of freedom and a lot more comfort in the eyes. They also help treat when the eyes extremely dry. So is your chinks eye doctor. These are one of the tools we have available to help you out to best take care of you is our patient. Remember is your Jinx iDoctor. Jenks Eye Doctor We want you to know all your options available. This may be the best option. Some of the options from our previous podcast maybe a little bit better option, and so it’s important to get into your jeans eye doctor and discuss what things are going to be best for you as we move forward taking care of scleral contacts is actually quite easy. We use contact solution called peroxiclear, that’s actually a hydrogen peroxide with a specialized case. The contacts go in the peroxiclear and then they sit in the specialized peroxide solution in the specialized case for at least 8 hours that eats off all the bad stuff on the contact. It also allows the contact to be perfectly clean and safe to wear the next day next day, when the patients done at full 8 hours of so they pulled the contact out and then they put them in the eyes. There’S no renting involved, there’s no secondary cleaning steps. Jenks Eye Doctor It’S a very simple, easy way now these contacts, because they are gas permeable contact in assuming the eyes, do not change. They can actually last a lot longer than expected. Beef contact we’ve used on average for a solid year before we might need to change something, even though we’re checking those patients 3 or 4 times throughout that year. They have much longer time verse, a soft contact. Would you have to worry about bacteria and other infectious problems? The contacts, even though we’re evaluating them every 3 to 4 months is your Jinx eye doctor. We may say that you can wear these contacts for 3 to 4 years, depending on how well you care for him making sure we don’t lose them and things.

I have a squirrel contacts or wonderful thing: they’re, allowing patients to have much more freedom in which more Comfort when they have eye problems, and we do fit these on some patients who just want to have the best Vision possible. As your Jinx eye doctor, I want you to remember. If you know anybody or you have problems with your cornea and you don’t see as well as you want your glasses reach out to messaging sign up. Is your jeans eye doctor remember Insight Eye Care? Our mission is to improve every life ever encounter. That means we want all of our patients to have healthy Vision. Come through lies in the sea as well as possible so that you can enjoy the rest of your life when you needed Pink’s eye doctor come to us Insight. Eyecare we’ve got the welcoming staff, a state-of-the-art facility, Advanced Equipment. We have our eyeglasses gallery and we keep thousands of contacts around to be able to meet your needs as a patient. As your Jinx eye doctor remember, we treat all types of eye disease, common things like nearsightedness, astigmatism farsightedness, things more serious like cataracts, glaucoma, dry, eyes, allergies, removing foreign matter from the eyes; macular degeneration things like that as you’re a jinx eye doctor. We want you to bring us your red gritty Sandy ice. We can help improve your life, God bless. Everybody have a great day.

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