Jenks Eye Doctor | Great results

Jenks Eye Doctor | Great results

Welcome to Eye Care in size with dr. Kyle Tate. You were Jenks eye doctor today, we’re inter series about 5 mistakes. People make that affect their eyes. So if you hear any of these mistakes in your Aiko, I’ve made those – and you have not had your eyes checked in the last year, reach out to us Insight, Eye care, you should be looking for Jinx eye doctor. I guess who treats patients of all ages. We do all different types of exams from Child eye exams, baby eye exams, adult eye exams, everything in between we see Medicare and Medicaid patients. We offer everything from basic exam to complex contact, lens exams, eye injuries, eye disease, many many others. We do lots of different things. We’Ve designed inside I care to take care of you and tell you need a surgery operating room. We are conveniently located off Highway 75 and 121st Street near the Glenpool. Simple Simon’s in IHOP, located in her Clinic, is a large Optical Gallery. We’Ve got over a thousand eyeglasses here for any type of frame size and shape. We’Ve searched the country to find the finest labs to be able to offer glasses lenses. That last longer that see clear that stay cleaner than anyone else, our team Insight Eye Care. We want to be your Jinx eye doctor. We want you to think of us for all your eye care and eyewear. So today we’re talking about the five mistakes people make that affect their eyes. Number 5 UV protection is so important. What UV actually does the eyes every single layer that it hits it affects on the outer surface? Is the white part of the eye the eyelids it causes? Cancer is basal cell carcinoma is the most common type of cancer and it can spread to other parts of the body. Jenks Eye Doctor Different types of melanoma is can spread to the eyes or from there. Although, usually we seek answers that spread from other parts of the body come inside the eye on the outer surface, the next place that UV affects is the clear front layer called the corny at that does most of the light focusing and that can prematurely aged things. It passes through there to the lens of the eye. Jenks Eye Doctor The lens of the eye can kevyn turn into Cadillac cataracts prematurely, as we learned from some of our previous podcast cataracts Cloud. The lens of the eye. Cataracts can also overtime just get worse and worse and worse, and so we don’t want UV to get to that and hurt things in the back of the eye. Uv can cause scarring thermal Burns and macular degeneration to UV can short-term or long-term permanently hurt your vision. The best ways for UV protection are sunglasses that have UV labels. Nephew bought a high-quality pair of sunglasses such as a Ray Ban, Wiley X, Oakley Maui, Jim they’re, going to have UV protection, but if you’re buying cheap 5 or sunglasses, those may be little different. So you got to make sure they do that number for mistake that people make when affecting their eyes is not taking in general multivitamin General multivitamins have lots of vitamins and minerals in them. A lot of the vitamins, especially vitamin A, are very important for the eye to do its job and sing Vision. The wire inside the I called the retina is what actually sensors vision. It uses a lot of vitamin A and there’s one tiny little 1.5 mm spot called the macula. Where your clear detail, Vision comes from. That area needs lots of vitamin A. It also needs lots of what’s called antioxidants, which are other minerals and derivatives of vitamins that are in a multivitamin that help that area from getting damaged overtime.

The number three mistake that people make that affects their eyes is they do not clean around the eyes so believe it or not. You were supposed to clean around the eyes. I know we are all taught to keep soap out of the eyes and that’s true. Soap can burn the surface VI, but the eyelids. If you don’t clean them, they will build up normal things that the skin and the body produces an overtime that will cause a lot of different problems. That will cause the surface of the eye to become dry and red and irritated, and it may be something that can be fixed or it may not. This leads to our weather conditions. Blepharitis Demodex dry eyes. Basically, if you will everyday clean around the eyelids, including where the eyelashes are, the eyelashes are the most important part that will actually help prevent many problems down the road. Jenks Eye Doctor The number for mistake that people make that affects their eyes as they do not wear safety glasses at some of the most common times. We need to wear safety, glasses or working with chemicals like bleach, Mowing and weed-eating grinding metal and then cutting any type of thing. Power tools are such an amazing thing: they make our lives more productive. They allow us to do more in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, power tools will also work with higher speeds and they will send particles flying through the air. It’S important when you wear safety glasses to get something that really hugs the I well a lot of simple, cheap safety. Glasses will have gaps the top or bottom that will send things in the eye. I’Ve dug many particles out for my eyeballs from weed eaters and from grinding metal, because the safety glasses did not fit properly and just wearing a safety Shield by itself leaves a lot of room for particles that are flying in a high-speed to hit your cheek and Bounce in the eye, so wear safety glasses, get a good quality pair. One of the things that you should look for on safety glasses is there’s going to be a little stamp, Jenks Eye Doctor usually at the top left of the lens or the frame that says ANZ YZ80 to Wit’s brevia Dan’s easy to that is a stamp that has made sure That those lenses and frames are meet the minimum safety standards that something the government sets to make sure that things work is they should so number to mistake is not wearing safety glasses, any time that you think you’re working with something that cuts that sprays that moves Lots of wind, you should be wearing safety glasses. Tell the number one mistake of people make that affect their eyes is not going to the eye doctor most of the time. The problem I hear patience is: why should I go to the eye doctor? Why should I see you next year, I see just fine. I’Ve always seen just fine. Well, what you see is only part of what we’re checking in an eye exam and that’s a very common misconception. People come in thinking the eye. Exam is just about Kyrie. The chart yes or no well, that’s only a fraction of what we’re doing.

Yes, we want you to be able to see. Well, yes, that’s important, but in reality the most important thing is not just to see well today, but see well tomorrow and next year and the year after and I care most eye diseases happen without you feeling or seeing it. So damage happens the eyes over time. That you cannot feel and cannot see until it’s too late, so we can prevent problems such as glaucoma. We can help slow down macular degeneration if it’s caught early. What would you rather have? Would you rather not go to the eye doctor and be blind at 65 years old, or would you rather go to the eye doctor and not be blind 65, maybe get another 10 years to be able to see? If you have these, I disease is, they will affect you, some will make. You will go blind, some may not, but the eye doctor can catch that years before we can start treatments to help slow or even stopped and then sometimes reverse damage, and so I exams are important to check the health of the eyes not to check your vision. That’S why the eye doctor recommends when you come in as far as those recommendations here in sight Eye Care. As your Jinx eye doctor, we follow the American Medical Association, not just what group of eye doctors things, but doctors in general recommend, if you’re perfectly healthy. Jenks Eye Doctor You get your eye exam every other year under 40 and every year above 40, if you have anything like blood pressure concerns cholesterol concerns, diabetes concerns were recommending that you get your eyes examined every year, because those things need to check. There’S many many other types of things. So if you have a question as to when you should have your eyes, checked reach out to you or Jinx eye doctor we’d, Jenks Eye Doctor be happy to say, okay will based on this this and this you need to see me every year or every two years so review The five mistakes people make that affect their eyes: they don’t worry UV protection, they’re, not taking a general multivitamin number 3. They do not clean as maintaining around the eyes and eyelashes number to they do not wear safety glasses when mowing weed eating grinding metal spraying things like household chemicals in the number. One reason that people make mistake that affects their eyes is not going to the eye. Doctor because they believe they see just fine as your jeans eye doctor, if you experience any of this reach out to us Insight Eyecare, I want you to remember that our mission is to improve every life ever encounter. We want all of our patients to have the best Vision possible to have healthy eyes come through eyes, so they can enjoy every moment of life. If you think you need a chainsaw doctor, come see us at Insight.

Eyecare are welcoming. Staff are state-of-the-art facility. We’Ve got amazing equipment or eyeglass Gallery. Jenks Eye Doctor We have lots of contacts here available for you. It’S all here to meet your needs as a patient. As your Jinx eye doctor remember, we treat all types of common diseases, things like nearsightedness farsightedness, basic things like a stigmatism and dry eye, more complex things like glaucoma macular degeneration, diabetes is your Jinx eye doctor. We want you to bring guess. You’Re irritated eyes are blurry eyes your gritty eyes, so we can help improve your life. God bless. You guys have a great day.

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