Article 52: Causes of Red Eye at Our Jenks OK Optometry Clinic

Red Eye

There are several different conditions that can lead to a red eye. A red eye is often uncomfortable for the patient, and sometimes alarming to those around you for the fear that you may have the contagious “pink eye.” There are several different ocular surface conditions that can cause the eyes to become red.

Causes of a Red Eye

Dry eye syndrome, eye allergies, over wearing your contact lenses, inflammation inside of the eye, scratches on the front surface of the eye, contagious infections, broken blood vessels on the surface of the eye, and certain glaucoma treatments are all potential causes of a red eye. is one of the most common conditions that can cause eye irritation and a red/pink appearance. Dry eye can be caused by several different things, and can cause irritation on the front surface of the eye which ultimately leads to red eyes.

Treatment for Red Eye

Depending on the cause of the red eye, there are several different treatment options for your red eye ranging from over the counter artificial tears to prescription eye drops or laser treatments. The eye care professionals at Insight Eyecare Jenks are happy to discuss the underlying cause of your red eye and potential treatment options for you. Schedule an appointment today!

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