Specialty Contacts

Have you ever been told that you can not wear contacts?

Do you have an eye condition that requires contacts to see?

We can help!

Not all patients achieve clear vision with glasses, some do not with soft contacts. Some patients have eyes that are not moist enough for contacts or the size/curve of their eyes to not fall into normal limits. At Insight Eyecare we maintain up-to-date lens technologies to help all patients. It is routine for us to fit patients for contacts who have been told they were not an option, or they just need to get glasses. Those old ways of thought were simply not true. Please call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Tate, we will discuss your options if any of the new technologies would be beneficial.

We have successfully refit patients into contacts, providing comfortable lenses and improved vision. Dry Eye, Keratoconus, Corneal Ectasia, Previous RK surgeries, and other corneal conditions can be treated with the proper lens fit and design. You do not need to be stuck with only glasses!

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