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Designer Eyeglass Frames

The opticians at Insight Eyecare hand pick our exceptional selection of designer eyeglass frames from only currently produced lines. We also maintain an economy section of discontinued or overstock models to meet different budgets. Every frame is fit and tailored to meet your facial design and fitting needs. Our goal is to find a frame that makes you smile every time you put it on!

Logo’s of some brands we sell:

Flexon Memory Metal Eyeglass Frames

Flexon eyewear uses a titanium frame constructed to withstand daily wear and tear bends, twists and turns that would damage a normal frame. Made of a titanium-based alloy, this unique and popular material is called a “memory metal.” Frames made of Flexon come back into shape even after twisting and bending. Flexon frames are lightweight, hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant.

Frameless Eyewear

The luxurious feel of the uniquely designed Airlock and Hoya DF frame remains unsurpassed by any other. Created to be the least noticeable eye glasses you will ever wear. Also the most lightweight frame ever, your vision and comfort will be unparalleled in any pair of eyewear you have ever owned.

Eyewear for Children

Getting glasses can be a difficult transition for some children, especially if they do not look great in them. It can have strong social implications takes a lot of work to maintain. We take the fitting of your child very seriously. Your child’s safety, comfort and appearance are of utmost importance to us. We have many stylish frame for all ages including infants!

The opticians at Insight Eyecare understand the challenges with getting the right pair for children. Since children are more prone to eye injury than adults, all children get impact resistant lenses to keep them safe.

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