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Picture of Amanda Hamby

Amanda Hamby

Began working at Insight: October 2012
Position: Chief Operations Officer / Finance

Amanda has been with Insight since the very beginning, and she would tell you it’s been quite an adventure! She started as a technician but quickly began learning all areas of the practice, and she now oversees the operations and finances for both locations. Amanda and her husband, Travis, welcomed their first child, Ava, in 2020. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, painting, singing, being crafty, anything active, and just enjoying every moment of being a mom!

"My favorite thing about Insight Eyecare is getting to watch the continual growth of our teams. The more we expand, the more lives we can improve, and that’s powerful. God has truly blessed me by putting Insight Eyecare in my path, and I’m reminded of that every single day!"

Picture of Ashlee Washington

Ashlee Washington

Began working at Insight: January 2018
Position: Patient Care Director

Ashlee began at Insight working at our front desk, shortly after was moved into a leadership role, and she is now the Patient Care Director for both locations! She is your go-to for billing inquiries, insurance, or any questions you may have about your visit. When not working, Ashlee loves spending time with her son, Jordan. They love being outdoors, playing sports, and of course their yearly beach vacation!

"I love that I get to help lead this team to our mission of improving lives. I always want our patients to feel like family the moment they walk in the door and have the best experience possible!"

Picture of Andrea Sorie

Andrea Sorie

Began working at Insight: March 2021
Area of focus: Billing Specialist

Andrea was born and raised on the East Coast of Canada, but she and her three kids have loved calling Oklahoma home for the past seven years! While her education and experience background are in the wedding and event planning industry, she has loved being able to use her administrative abilities and attention to detail to solve problems and stay on top of things in the billing world. Andrea loves quality time with good friends, ice cream, fall time, adventuring with her kids, and keeping her house plants alive.

"The staff culture at Insight Eyecare is second to none! It has been so fun to be a part of a team where everyone works hard to do their jobs with excellence, encourages one another to continue learning and growing, and values each patient that walks in the door above all else!"

Picture of Addison Yates

Addison Yates

Began working at Insight: June 2021
Position: Technician

Addie is a newlywed. She is currently attending TU earning her bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences. She enjoys traveling with family and playing with her new puppy, Penny.

"I enjoy working at Insight Eyecare because I get to be a part of improving people’s lives by helping them see better and making their health a priority."

Picture of Erika Claros

Erika Claros

Began working at Insight: June 22, 2021
Position: Optician

Erika loves going on walks and hiking and just exploring new places outdoors. She loves spending time with her friends; they go and try many different coffee places. Erika also enjoys reading and playing board games.

"I love being part of a team that is just as excited and dedicated to provide an exceptional patient experience as I am! I also love having the opportunity to help patients find a frame they feel confident in!"

Picture of Elizabeth Vaughan

Elizabeth Vaughan

Began working at Insight: July 2021
Position: Technician

Elizabeth has been married to her high school sweetheart for the last 7 years. She has 2 dogs, Archer and Luna, and loves to spend time loving on them. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends as well as going to the lake and reading.

"I love that at Insight I am able to work with a team that has the same values as myself. We want our patients to feel like family and to help improve their daily lives."

Picture of Candra McCaslin

Candra McCaslin

Began working at Insight: August 2021
Position: Optician

Candra enjoys spending her free time with her husband Trevor and her 3 children. They love to travel from state to state hitting any rodeos they can and going to every sports activity her kids are involved in. She also enjoys a random shopping spree when needed!

"I love working for a company whose main focus is treating our patients like family and having God as our core value. Insight is a breath of fresh air when you walk through the doors."


Picture of Christina Fuller

Christina Fuller

Began working at Insight: July 2015
Position: Chief Developer and Mentor

Christina started her journey with Insight Eyecare as a technician in 2015. Since the opening of the Jenks practice in 2019, she has served as a leader and aided in the development of the Insight culture. When she is not working with her team, Christina enjoys exploring the outdoors with her husband, Roland, and their four children: Liam, Raleigh, Jack, and Violet.

"Insight eyecare has always been a patient-focused business. We continually work on developing new ways to improve our patient experience. Our doctors and staff are truly here to help."

Picture of Tricia Buttram

Tricia Buttram

Began working at Insight: May 2019
Position: Sales Director
ABO Certified Optician and Certified paraoptometric

Tricia enjoys working on their cattle ranch with her husband Tim. They are usually running around to sporting events or practices with their children – Blaine, 7 years, and Reagan, 2 years – but when they do get free time it is usually spent reading and enjoying the country views. They also have 2 crazy dogs, Ryder and Andy.

"I love that every single person in the practice truly cares for our patients. We are always working on education or personal development to make sure we are always at our best."

Picture of Allie Hill

Allie Hill

Began working at Insight: May 2019
Position: Certified Paraoptometric Technician, HIPAA Compliance Officer

Allie loves spending time with her husband Zach, her family, friends, and her two dogs, Bohannon and Ariah. She enjoys spending her free time reading and really likes to travel.

"At Insight Eyecare, our goal is to improve every life at every encounter. I am proud to be a part of a team that is so passionate about helping others!"

Picture of Maddie Hale

Maddie Hale

Began working at Insight: June 2020
Position: Certified Paraoptometric Technician

When she’s not working, Maddie enjoys spending her time on any number of creative projects ranging from sewing to practicing music. Her favorite pastime is spending quality time with her husband and pets.

"I am so grateful to be able to work in a fun and positive environment where everyone is passionate about improving the lives of our patients."

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