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Eye Exam and Appointment FAQs

Occasionally we have openings due to a patient rescheduling, however, our appointment schedule is generally filled 1 to 3 days in advance. If you are in need of a same-day appointment, please contact our scheduler at (918) 296-3937 to check availability or click the call location button at the top of the screen. 

We are more than happy to put your name on our “Same Day Waiting List” to contact in the event that a space becomes available.

This can vary widely. Our schedulers are available at (918) 296-3937 and are happy to work with you and your schedule to find the best fit.

When we dilate your eye, we use eye drops to expand the pupil to make it larger so we can see into the eye better. We use a mild dilation on all complete exams that does not affect your “near vision”. If this does not give us adequate views of the inside of the eye, we may use a second stronger drop. There is no fee for dilation. This is all done in your initial complete exam.

Sometimes, if there is question of disease in the eye, you may need to return for testing on a separate day. In these types of exams, where pathology is suspected, medical insurance is used. Vision plans only cover basic eye exams for healthy eyes.

We believe there is a value in efficiency, but being rushed is not good for anyone. Insight Eyecare believes in leaving no chances to your vision, thus we are very thorough in our eye exams. Insight eyecare exams include numerous eye scans for disease, eye strain, headaches from vision issues are involved in our exam’s, as well as a dilated eye exam and glasses refraction. We ask our patient plan at least an hour start to finish for their exam, however it usually does not take that long. One way to save time is to fill out our online paperwork here:
Choosing Glasses takes about 10 minutes after you have found a frame you love. Since glasses you wear every day,  please allow ample time after your exam to look at glasses. During that time we will review some of the details of the frame you choose, take digital measurements for how it fits your face, and review the details of the lens your doctor prescribed. At Insight Eyecare we spend the time to educate our patients so they feel confident in their exams and glasses!

Insurance FAQs

Since all eye problems not related to needing glasses are considered medical, We try to accept as many medical insurance as we can with maintaining our level of care.  If we do not participate in your plan, that is ok. The majority of our patients pay out of pocket. It is much more economical than you may fear. Click here for more info.
Please call our office to learn about other means of financing your eye and vision care such as Care Credit. We will assist you to gain a clearer understanding of what benefits your plan contributes towards.

For more info on vision plan use please click here

Vision plans may provide discounts towards of the cost of a basic eye exam when only glasses are needed to fix the problem. Medical insurance covers when there is a problem or you want to check for a problem. If you tell your doctor you want your eyes checked for reasons such as high blood pressure, diabetes, someone in the family has an eye problem, or something feels wrong, then your medical insurance covers the exam. We can not give 100% certainty about if medical insurance covers until we know what kid of problem you are having and if you need any tests or treatments. That is why we ask on the phone when making every appointment what is bothering you. For established patients we generally know unless there is a surprise.

If your routine eye examination discovers concerns about potential medical conditions now or in the future, your doctor may recommend a follow up for a medical office visit, for which you may use your medical insurance or pay out of pocket. Medical conditions can be anything from irritated eyes, blurry vision not helped by glasses, or sight-threatening eye disease.
Health insurance is used when your doctor orders special testing, performs a diagnostic procedure, or sees you for a follow-up visit to monitor a condition. Health insurance covers as many visits and follow-ups as required for medical causes and require a specialist copay for each visit.
Health insurance can also cover your eye exam if you are scheduling your exam due to concerns not related to glasses or contacts. Examples would be common problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune disease such as arthritis, cancer, and checking because others in your family have been diagnosed with eye disease.
Common  Medical Insurance Plans
  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross – Blue
  • Shield
  • Cigna
  • Community Care
  • Federal Blue Cross – Blue Shield Discount Plan
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • United Healthcare
  • Many more health insurances

Contact Lens FAQs

Contact lens exams are necessary to prevent damage from contacts and eye changes. The cornea and tear layer need examined every year for signs that contact lenses are damaging the surface of the eye. Comprehensive (general) eye exams include tests that determine general eye health and glasses needs (called a refraction). Contact lenses rest and move on both the clear cornea and mucous membrane conjunctiva. These are delicate tissues that the contact lens can damage if worn or fit improperly. 

Contact lenses are class 3 medical devices that require additional tests, evaluation, and follow up to allow safe proper wear and to avoid certain health implications if not prescribed correctly. Our doctor invests additional time and expertise to make sure your cornea and tear layers are not hurt by how you are wearing your contacts. If changes occur they can lead to permanent blurry vision and scarring from the contact lens. Contact lenses also take more staff time to help train new wearers, order/provide trial sample lenses, and check vision with contacts. As you might imagine, there are additional fees for this additional care. Often, this requires additional follow-up visits to ensure healthy eyes with contact lens wear, those follow ups are included in the contact lens examination fee.

Contact lenses rest on the delicate surface of your eye and, over time, can damage the health of your eye if not properly worn. Contact lenses are also considered class 3 medical devices (same as a pacemaker) due to the fact that they are directly placed on your eye. The layers that they come in contact with are not as strong as skin at fighting disease and must remain clear, smooth, and healthy to maintain good vision. This requires a health evaluation to be done every year, even if the vision (prescription) does not change.    Contact lenses can cause slow damage over time, without obvious symptoms or any symptoms at all such as pain, redness, or blurry vision. Many types of contact lens damage could be avoided by changing the wearing schedule or the type of contacts used. Only your eye doctor can determine if your contact lenses are safe with your most recent prescription. Most experienced doctors agree that one year is an acceptable amount of time between checkups to ensure your eye health, given you are relatively symptom-free, but your doctor may require more frequent checks.
The main reason that contacts are considered medical devices is that they come in contact with the delicate surface of your eye (the cornea and conjunctiva). Thus, evaluating your contact lens prescription requires a more detailed approach and specialized expertise. Contact lenses require more specific characteristics to qualify as a prescription that is safe for each individual’s eyes. This is one of many reasons why you should not wear or try other people’s contacts. Contact lenses have information on the Rx (refractive status), the base curves (curve on the back of the lens that relates to how it fits your eyes), the lens diameter and thickness, the material of the lens, and possibly other special characteristics depending on your case. Eyeglasses, on the other hand, have information on the RX (refractive status of the eye aka the “numbers”).

Standard contact lens exams involve correcting vision for one distance or category such as nearsightedness or farsightedness. If this level can be performed maintaining healthy eyes and good clear vision this is where we begin.

Occasionally, clearer vision at all distances or one distance requires a premium exam. Unusual shaped eyes may also require a more premium exam. Some examples needing premium exams are: treating astigmatism, bifocal or multifocal vision correction, unusually sized or shaped eyes, or other special conditions requires deeper knowledge and more time invested to benefit the patient. This premium examination results in higher exam fees.

Every brand of contact lens has its own price that sometimes have set minimum prices we can sell at. Please call our office for an exact quote. Generally our prices are matched to what you might find at any reputable seller that ensures the quality we do. In order to get you the best deal possible, we will price match when possible comparing apples to apples. Purchasing your annual supply from our office allows you some added perks you wont receive online such as rebates, bottles of contact lens solution, and even $50 off sunwear. We also provide services like easy box exchange if your rx changes, and free trial lenses if you’re supply becomes uneven or are running low.

What you see on the internet is not always true. We have found it might cost you more … in ways you never expected. We keep our retail prices similar to reputable online retailers. Most feel our prices are better than any online retailer can provide, especially when you consider our services, commitments, and added perks. We offer a patient perks package with an annual supply of soft contact lenses which includes:

  • MONEY-BACK rebates that are only available through your doctor.
  • FREE replacements lenses if one rips, tears, or gets lost.
  • FREE checks if your vision changes within 6 months.
  • FREE exchanges of unopened boxes, if your Rx changes within the year
  • SAVE $50 on your favorite pair of non-prescription sunglasses $90 and over*

* offers excludes combining other deals

Our prices may appear similar to or often less, than – those you find online, you’ll save approximately $10 on shipping, up to $100 with our rebate, and earn $50 toward the purchase of sunglasses, those hidden benefits add up!

Eyeglasses FAQs

More thought goes into the expiration dates than you would expect. These expiration dates are set considering safety studies, doctor panel recommendations, regulation boards, and state and federal governments. Expiration dates are regulated by the state, your eye doctor can adjust these recommendations based on that is best for a patient. For example, a teenager who has had large change over their last few visits may be recommended to return more often to keep them and others safe while driving. Another example of more frequent examination would be for vision changes due to cataracts.

Eyewear can vary greatly depending on the lens options that are best for you to meet your needs. Extremely basic eyewear can have brittle lenses that yellow, crack, and scratch easily with frames that will not stand basic wear and tear. At Insight Eyecare we do not sell eyewear that is not made to last less than one year, thus we do not participate in multiple pairs for $99 deals. Our commitment to our patients is to provide quality materials and options to them. For example a stylish and high quality glasses frame with high definition optics, no glare treatments, transitions can cost several hundred dollars, but you will see better and your glasses will last much longer. We offer options for every budget, from basic to high quality and fashion. However there are times for cheap temporary glasses we may refer you to better options that that. Insight Eyecare does not sell poorly made glasses! 

We respect your desire to discover your best value, and we invite you to discuss your budget with our opticians. Every patient knows their economics the best. At Insight Eyecare, our desire is for all patients know what options are available to them. Even if they decide to go with our quality basic selections. Our staff will work hard to maximize your vision plan and medical flexible spending to fit within your budget.
We do have multiple pair discounts for your additional pairs such as RX sunglasses or office glasses. New patients get $100 of their frame the day of their exam!

We feel these types of deals are great for finding new restaurants, or getting seasonal businesses more traffic but, this is not ideal when it comes to your personal healthcare.

As you might imagine, if we were attempting to get as many people through our doors as possible without regard to maintaining our level of care, we might require the assistance of 3rd party promotional deals like these. We recommend always checking the online patient reviews (ex Google or Facebook) before using a business that has extreme offers. Our mission is to improve every patients life at every encounter. We maintain a patient flow schedule to allow staff to spend time with patients to meet their needs.

Absolutely, that is your right and we are happy to send it with you or print it off you any time it is current. We try to provide a no pressure experience while educating about all the options that will help improve your lives. If you wish to shop elsewhere, we routinely sit down with patients and help teach them what to look for to get a quality pair of glasses like we sell. Although we routinely have patients who return to Insight Eyecare to purchase their eyewear from us after they have shopped around. We are here to help you get the most out of your vision. We regularly find ourselves consulting on poorly fitted and made glasses, quality of materials and coatings, as well as poorly recommended lens options that don’t meet the patient’s specific work needs.

Eyeglasses are a market where you still get what you pay for. For example, our glare-free lenses have over 10 atomized layers made to the lenses once they are cut to your fame in a vacuum chamber. This process takes almost 20 hours on a 5 million dollar machine. It makes the lens surface free of glare, clean easier, and resist scratches. We have had patients pay more for inferior treatments and even lenses just dipped into a dye to make them appear the same.

Eyeglasses performance is directly related to three things: the optics of the lens, the measurements used by the optician to center the lenses, and the lens model customization. Eyeglasses work best if they are made correctly to customized measurements for your face and frame, and being made from lens materials that don’t impede the transmission of light from the objects you choose to focus upon. Lenses with the best optics are not the least expensive lenses, and exceptional opticians can be hard to find. There can be unexpected costs when purchasing cheaper (often inferior) optical products, such as poorly made lenses, poorly fit frames and poor lens choices that don’t necessarily match your specific needs. This can result in your need to return (repeatedly) to the merchant and lead to a great deal of avoidable frustration. We have found that our prices cannot be beat when actually being compared apples to apples.

At Insight Eyecare, we sell only lenses with the best optics and materials. Quality frames fit by highly trained opticians. We guarantee your glasses will be perfect and, while not the least expensive, we guarantee you will feel you received the best value in terms of products and service.

Every brand of contact lens has its own price that sometimes have set minimum prices we can sell at. Please call our office for an exact quote. Generally our prices are matched to what you might find at any reputable seller that ensures the quality we do. In order to get you the best deal possible, we will price match when possible comparing apples to apples. Purchasing your annual supply from our office allows you some added perks you will not receive online such as rebates, bottles of contact lens solution, and even $50 off sunwear. We also provide services like easy box exchange if your prescription changes, and free trial lenses if you’re supply becomes uneven or is running low.

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